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Canicrossing With Paw Runner

Canicross is the sport of cross-country running with dogs.

The Paw Runner was born out of a passion for running, an even bigger love for dogs and compassion for the wellbeing of dogs and humans alike.

They offer a selection of virtual walking and running challenges. This is a fun way to encourage you and your dog to venture out, get fit, healthier, and happier together, while strengthening your bond. 

Whether you are a total beginner or a fitness super star, Paw Runner has created a selection of monthly challenges. From 3 miles up to 225 miles for you and your pooch to conquer in your own time, at your own pace, wherever you like, to reach your ultimate fitness goal. When you smash your chosen distance in the given time frame you receive a unique finishers medal and a handmade doggy bandana for your pooch.  

For every challenge that you enter they also plant a tree on your behalf. You can also choose to take part in a challenge for a charity of your choice. Canicrossing is increasing in popularity and Paw Runners are on the front line spreading the word.

Mission To Get Humans and Hounds Active

They provide a selection of challenges suitable for people of all fitness levels from beginners to advanced. Users can work their way through their fitness goals to go from Bronze to Silver to Gold.

New challenges are launched each month for you and your furry best friend to choose and conquer. We spoke to Lucie Mountain of Paw Runner about their involvement at Waggiest Weekend.

Lucie describes the inspiration for PawRunner as being “on a mission to encourage humans and their hounds to get active, spend quality time together, and create great memories living their best life.”

Getting Started In Canicrossing

Lucie was originally introduced to running as a way to lose weight. She found she enjoyed the escapism from the demands of her stressful business. It empowered her with a positive mindset to face the challenges of work and life.

She took up Canicross when her dogs came into the equation. Lucie explains, 

“I would walk my dogs and then go for a run, but it was becoming very time-consuming fitting two walks in, a run and then work. So I started to take my dogs with me.”

It seemed that Lucie was not the only one noticing the positive effects of this exercise regime;

“My best buddies, Barney, Poppy and I would put our best paws forward and run around the local woods.I saw a positive change seen within myself both physically and mentally, but also my dogs. Their coats shone, and they were happier, fitter and more stimulated than ever before. ” 

Inspired by the positive experience of her and her dogs, Lucie became a qualified Running Leader through English Athletics. It is now her mission to encourage humans and dogs to lead happy, fulfilled and healthy lifestyles.

For anyone interested in Canicrossing Lucie recommends a facebook group called Canicross Trailrunners. She said;

“As Canicross is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, there are a number of Canicross Clubs all over the country. So it is worth checking out which ones are in your local area and getting in touch with them. They will have equipment for you to try on for you and your dog, provide support and introductory lessons.”

To sign up for monthly challenges head to to find out more. They can are also on social media via facebook (@virtualpawrunner) and Instagram (@thepawrunner).

Would You Like To Try Canicross?

Would you like to try Canicross? Perhaps you’ve already tried it! let us know in the comments below.


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