Beagle Dog Breed Information

Basic Stats

  • Height- 33-40cm
  • Weight- 10-12 kg
  • Size- Medium
  • Coat- Short and flat
  • Lifespan- 12-15 years
  • Exercise needs- Roughly 2 hours per day


Beagles tend to be easy-going dogs. They are active companions to adults and get on well with children. As they are bred to be pack animals they are usually good natured and friendly with other dogs.

Gentle, sweet and funny by nature yet with a mischievous streak and a penchant for misbehaviour. Beagles do well when socialized early and grow up to be fairly well rounded dogs. 

These dogs like affection and can bark excessively and become destructive if left alone too long. Beagles can also be difficult to house train at first.

Being hounds, Beagles can be stubborn and will have a selective attitude towards being obedient at times. Their keen sense of smell leads them to be inquisitive and even more interested in food than other dogs!

At times, food is the only way to ensure obedience out of a Beagle.

Origin of Breed

Beagles were first bred to be scent hounds for hunting. Their strong sense of smell makes them experts at tracking and catching animals like foxes and rabbits. They are still used widely for similar purposes around the world today. You may have noticed this breed in airports as drug sniffer dogs or police dogs. However, many can simply be found being loving companions to their families. 

Exercise and Nutrition

This is a very active breed of dog. Keen and inquisitive they like to explore their surroundings at every chance they get. Beagles require long walks and active play everyday, usually involving some kind of scent game. 

Being so active, Beagles are usually heart eaters and require a diet rich in protein. They will usually eat everything that is given to them though older dogs are often prone to obesity so this must be monitored closely.

Grooming Beagles

Beagles shed a reasonable amount of hair, however, their coats are short, flat and fairly low maintenance compared to other breeds. A weekly brush is usually ample to keep them looking great.

Beagles can suffer from ear infections so part of their grooming routine should focus on this.

Do You Have a Beagle Dog Breed?

Do you have a gorgeous Beagle? Share your Beagle dog breed information, facts and stories in the comments below. New breed guides posted weekly!


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