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Caldy Valley Nature Park

Finally, nice weather with no hiccups of rain to stop us from doing a decent circular walk around Caldy Nature Park.

But….since it has been raining a lot recently, let the pre-warning of whacking on those wellies begin.

Although footpaths are provided around the park, there are some places that do get muddy especially since the path seems to become a dirt path at times depending on which route you want to do. So hiking water proof shoes or wellies is a good idea before even considering going here during this time of year (autumn/winter/ any rainy days, weeks, months of English weather)

Caldy Nature Park is a ‘contains it all’ kind of park. Meaning that as you walk around you have features of woodlands, wetlands and also meadows (even an actual climbing frame made out of logs and ropes for the little ones to become monkeys). Close to the city centre of Chester and on the other side of Chester Meadows about a 15 minute walk away is this lovely dog friendly walk around which is between 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs long to complete depending on the routes.

From the car park there is a circular route around the nature park that can be navigated by the park map next to the parking lot. There are several benches around the site and other paths within the park however some of these have steps so might not be accessible for some people. Saying that, if you stick to the well seen concrete footpath that may contain puddles and mud during the wet seasons- than not great for disabled accessibility. Although On the nice sunny summer days that England does occasionally get than, yes, it is accessible to disabled people.

Another lovely add on is the fact there are plenty of park tables as well to have a lovely picnic lunch with all the family including the fur-family dogs. Let’s not forget about poo bins though… Plenty!!! I was amazed to find how many poo bins were provided so you wouldn’t have to walk very long before you were able to discared of any poo bags/picnic rubbish.

Access to the FREE car par is on Caldy Valley Road there is a dedicated disable parking bay (ONLY ONE THOUGH) and the car park is open all the time. There are no refreshments or toilets on site which is kind of annoying if you were having a lovely family, picnic day out and one of the family members need the loo than you would all have to clamber back in the car to find somewhere local with public toliets. #inconvenience.

Another amazing point is the little sulpture art that is allocated around the park… from actual rock statues, to funky looking metal art on some of the bridges gives this a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ (for people that don’t know french it means ‘a quality that cannot be described or named easily’)

There are a-lot of dog walkers around and not all of them have their dogs on leads so just be mindful that dogs running up to your dog to say ‘hi’ is definitely a thing so if your dog doesn’t like that then to 1. keep a close eye on what is in-front of you and your dog and 2. just keep him/her on a shorter leash and prepare.

I think because we wore appropriate footwear it wasn’t much of a problem but if we had of worn normal trainers or converses than I get why it would be slightly annoying since people do say that there is a ‘concrete’ path but it still is muddy, slippery and puddle filled in some places.

So, because of that and because of the lack of public toliets and limited disability access than we will give this dog friendly walk more of a 3.5 wagging tails out of 5 (but this is down to personal preferance)

Score is in: 3.5 / 5 wagging tails for Caldy Nature Park!!


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