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Dog Walk During Sunrise at The Cloud, Congleton

The Cloud, Congleton, is a relatively short walk but really rewarding in terms of the wonderful views!

Ascending from the Timbersbrook Car Park climbing the 136 steps up the steep side of the hill. It’s a good one for a summer morning sunrise or even an evening sunset with a picnic with plenty of flat rocks to sit on at the top!

We set our alarm for 4.00am to make the drive to the carpark – headtorches we are the ready as was Ralph’s high-vis jacket! From here we parked in the Timbersbrook car park and followed the footpath to Tunstall Lane. At this point in the walk there is a choice of taking the steps or carrying on and then turning right along a more gentle slope which forms part of the Gritstone Trail. Both paths meet up to continue up the Cloud.

Please be aware that some of the paths are dedicated to mountain bikes so beware if you step off the main path – especially for the doggies!

Continuing up the hill you will reach the top, here there is a visit viewfinder panoramas which really good visual of all the hills and places you can see from the top!

We enjoyed getting there just in time for sunset – as we watched it we took many photos and enjoyed breakfast! Defiantly worth the early start!


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