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Top 5 Dog Friendly Things to do in Glencoe

Driving up to Glencoe is something almost unforgettable. With the atmospheric scenery and moody weather it really is a sight to be seen! Approaching the dramatic mountains we found ourself driving though a thick fog and heavy rain not unusual for this time of year but the beautiful Autumn colours more than made up for it!

Buddy and I have been in the area before but this is the first time we have stayed and explored everything it has to offer.  After the year we have all had, a short trip away was something we were definitely looking forward too. From great walks, local history and tasty places to eat here we are to bring you our top 5 Dog Friendly things to do in Glencoe!

1. Glencoe Lochan

Just outside Glencoe Village is Glencoe Lochan. It is a great walk for people of all abilities and has lots of things to sniff for our canine companions!  There are three route lines you can take red, yellow and blue. 

The red line is the Lochan Trail which is the easiest walk of the three and is a short flat walk that takes about half an hour. You are greeted with beautiful views of Beinn a’Bheithir in the distance as you walk around.  During our walk the fog was still rolling in so we couldn’t quite see all of mountain however the beautiful reflections on the water more than made up for it . As you can see Buddy was super happy to be there!  

 The second walk is the yellow line which is a slightly more difficult woodland trail and can be quite muddy so remember your walking boots! We started the red line and joined onto the yellow half way round the Lochan. Buddy was running around jumping in all the muddy puddles which is his favourite activity! 

Last but not least is blue line called the Mountain Trail. This is a strenuous walk but gives rewarding views over Stac a’Chlamhain. We didn’t do the blue line this time round as much to Buddy’s disappointment I had a bad knee. Those silly humans just slowing him down on his adventures! Overall we absolutely loved this area for all the dog friendly trails and can’t wait to go back. We would highly recommend taking your pooch here for some exploring and sniffing you won’t be disappointed!

Buddy taking in the views!

 2. Caman Stay

After our walk it was time to check-in to our accommodation. Caman Stay is a beautiful self catering Micro Lodge located in Glencoe Village. We love staying in quirky accommodation that adds something different to a holiday. Caman Stay has everything you need including an indoor fireplace for those colder nights. The accommodation is fenced off to keep your pup safe and has a small river running right beside it which Buddy was elated about because WATER! 

 Obviously, the best part about the lodge is the fact it is dog friendly!  We contacted the host before hand as we always like to double check the house rules when it comes to pets. We were told dogs are very welcome and even allowed on the sofa, just pop a blanket down first! Well, this was delightful news to Buddy who loves a good nap after a hard days work being a dog. 

The lodge has everything you need even though it is quite compact. There was plenty of room for Buddy and the two humans but you might struggle for space if you’re looking to bring a Great Dane! This is especially true if your pup is anything like ours and likes to stretch out the whole length of the sofa residing you to the floor! 

The Micro Lodge has a small kitchen which includes a stove (no oven or microwave.) This was perfect as we went during the time of restaurants under going restrictions of a 6pm closure. It has a small fridge so we were able to make basic meals with no issue. In addition, the lodge has a super comfy bed, a bathroom including a shower and a TV incase the weather keeps you in.  

If we return to the area, we would be looking to book this place again. The location is just ideal for walks and as a base for travelling further a field. It has onsite parking for your vehicle so you don’t have to worry where you are parking the car and a great view as well.

3.  Glencoe Gatherings

Glencoe Gatherings is a spacious restaurant in the village with a menu that has something to suit most customers. After a day of travelling it is safe to say we were pretty hungry. We came across this eatery that was within walking distance of where we were staying and were greeted by a friendly staff member outside who welcomed us all in. During the time of COVID-19 going out to eat can feel weird at times but the safety precautions put in place were second to none. Hand sanitiser was place at the entrance which you were asked to use and everyone was wearing masks (unless sitting down to eat.) In addition to this certain tables were out of use to create space and there was a one way enter and exit system in place. 

The staff loved having Buddy there and he was loving all the attention he was getting. They immediately brought him his own water bowl and a few biscuits much to his delight. We were sat by a window so he even had a view at the passers by whilst we ate our meal.  It was hard to choose what to eat from the menu but we both got burgers in the end which were enjoyable. On our second night of our holiday the weather was not on our side so we quickly took a trip up here for a take away which they do after the 6pm closure due to Coronavirus restrictions. We both got fish and chips which was delicious. We ordered a large and the portion size definitely lived up to our expectations. Would recommend the fish to anyone who is passing by! 

Buddy chilling out after his biscuits!

4. Glencoe Folk Museum

Glencoe Folk Museum is a great place to visit with your dog if you are looking for a bit of history. The museum is placed in traditional 18th Century cottages and provides a great look into the history of the area and the people who lived there. Learn about things such as the Massacre of Glencoe and Scottish Clans as well as many other interesting facts! There is an admission fee of £3 per adult. Children under 16 and dogs go free! 

If it is raining outside and you can’t go on a big walk with your pup then this is a great indoor activity to do as an alternative. Plus, there is a small gift shop with lots of nice Scottish goodies for you to take away!

The Glencoe Folk Museum is a small but very charming place. We would recommend it to anyone staying in the area to drop in and maybe learn something new! 

5. Glenfinnan Viaduct

Ok so technically this is a short drive from Glencoe but it is well worth taking a few hours out of your trip to go see this! If you are a fan of the famous Harry Potter then you may recognise this place. 

Glenfinnanan Viaduct is a 50 minute drive from the village of Glencoe. It is based in a beautiful location where people gather daily to see the steam train travel over the viaduct. After months of really looking forward this we were not disappointed. Typically, it was raining but it is Scotland after all, right? Not to put a damper on it though, rain or shine seeing the train pass over the viaduct is worth it!  

There is a car park at the Glenfinnan Visitor Centre which can get quite busy when the train is due to pass so make sure you get there in plenty of time. The walk to viaduct is an easy path suitable to most abilities. However, to get the view of the train you do have to walk up a bit of a hill so keep this in mind and if it has been raining take your walking shoes! Buddy is always happiest when he is outside so he was chuffed at the walk to the viewpoint.  The timetable for the train changes depending on which season you go so please plan ahead to make sure you don’t miss it. 

Once you have chosen your spot at the viewpoint it is just a waiting game for the train. There is plenty of space for your dog to feel comfortable and dogs of all sizes and abilities should be able to do the walk with no issues! On our walk back we found a herd of deer just off the path so we would recommend keeping your dog on a lead just to keep them as well as the wildlife safe.

Final Thoughts 

From beautiful walks, cosy stays and local history a trip to Glencoe has lots to offer. Of course, this is our top 5 activities but please don’t forget to stop on your drive through the valley itself and take in the the views. They are breathtakingly beautiful. In addition, Glencoe has some great Munros for all you keen walkers out there. Unfortunately, we did not get the weather for a Munro this time but we will be heading back to do one in the future.

We hope this guide will help you if you ever decide to take a trip to this area, we sure can’t wait to return and experience it all over again! 


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