Millie’s Guide to Dog Travel Essentials

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We are a nation of dog lovers and with more and more places becoming dog friendly we are travelling more with our furry friends. So with that in mind, our Explorer Debbi has written a blog about things you need to take when travelling with your pooch.

Dog Friendly Car Travel

So first and most importantly, it is the law in the UK that dogs are properly restrained in moving vehicles. You can purchase a dog guard, or seat belt from pretty much any pet shop, or even car shops, such as Halfords. This one is from Amazon with elastic buffer design, to protect dogs from any sudden brakes or sharp turns.

Seatbelt from Amazon

For smaller breeds you can get open crates so they have a little seat of their own and your own car seat stays clean. Check out some of the car seats in Dog Furiendly’s round-up here.

Millie started with a seat belt which just clipped onto her harness but she’s a big girl and stands in the car so it was twisting and pulling her down, so with the new car we decided to purchase a dog guard so she has the big boot space to herself. We chucked in a boot protector and a spare duvet as well so she can be comfortable and warm and again keeps our car clean.

Backpack Items

Next is Millie’s backpack! When we go on larger walks, or into town we take Millie’s bag. It’s just a small one but it carries some basic essentials. Number one on the list of essentials is poo bags! Please, PLEASE, pick up after your dogs and put it in the bin. There is enough problems with litter in our parks without adding dog mess to it, or worse people bagging it then leaving the bag on the ground! So yes, we take lots of poo bags!

We also take small training treats, although Millie isn’t particularly interested in them when we are out, they really help more to distract her from annoying people when we are in cafes. Another important item we take on every walk is a spare rope lead (in case the problem is the collar).

We also bring a light to attach to Millie’s collar or harness in case we are out later than expected. Plus we bring at least two bottles of water and two collapsible water bowls.

We don’t forget ourselves though! Also in the bag is tissues, hand sanitiser and lip care stuff (good for colder winter walks). Plus we throw in a small umbrella and a bandana for Millie…because…you know…it’s cute! Our bandana came from Spoilt Rotten Pets, and you can find their Etsy store here!

Car Essentials

Now it’s onto the car. We have a “Millie box” in the back seat of our car filled with essentials for day trips and weekends away. Again, not everything is photographed.

First and foremost we have a travel first aid kit, one for humans and one for pets. You can purchase animal first aid kits and supplies for them from most pet shops or vet clinics and human first aid kits you can get at most car shops or put together yourself. Rosewood offers a decent-sized kit here on Amazon.

We also have a bowl for food for weekends away, as not all dog friendly hotels actually supply items for your dog. Also tucked in there is a torch, and foldable bag (for wet clothes and towels) and lots more poo bags!

Now the most important thing….TREATS! A “good girl” treat and a tub of biscuits for weekend gallivanting. Millie’s personalized treat tubs are from “The Monkeys by the sea” available on Facebook and Etsy.

Finally we don’t forget ourselves and throw in some essentials for us. As I said above we have a first aid kit which stays in the car. We also keep a spare blanket and cosy hats in the car (in case we breakdown) along with a golf umbrella. Plus we chuck in the waterproof coats. Please remember to check the weather forecast before you travel and only go if it’s safe to do so.

So that’s it! My list of doggy travel essentials. If you are heading out visiting dog friendly places, please remember to check ahead as during this time a lot of places are open for reduced hours and have some restrictions in place due to social distancing guidelines. Other than that have fun, happy travels and please stay safe!


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