How Are You Celebrating Happy Dog Day?

September 9th marks Happy Dog Day. A day where we celebrate our dogs happiness and all the things that make them happy.

Dogs are very giving animals, they cheer us up when we’re sad and are always there to offer love and affection at both the happy and sad times.

In return we keep them fed, watered, safe and hopefully bring us much happiness into their lives as they bring into ours. Happy Dog Day is about celebrating some of your dogs favourite activities, whether it’s just cuddling up with you on the sofa or your dog is an adrenaline junkie who loves kayaking, mountain walks or swimming.

We asked some of our explorers how they’d be spending Happy Dog Day with their pooch.

Pippa David

Pippa’s dog absolutely loves trains. When one goes past her ears prick up and and she looks around desperately to try and see it. She loves them so much that for her 5th birthday Pippa took her to Brighton on the train and on her 7th birthday they went to a miniature railway with her other doggy friend.

On Happy Dog Day this Thursday, they will be at the local park together where trains run adjacent. Pippa’s dog will be running back and forth chasing the trains to her hearts content.

Rebecca Silk- @starpawspack

Just generally being together makes Rebecca and her dogs Luna and Skye happy. Whether just relaxing at home or out and about doing fun activities they all enjoy each others company.

Luna and Skye particularly love going to the beach, especially Redcar and Saltburn beach. The trio also enjoy a day trip to Whitby where their favourite shop is the Fuzzy Dog Bakery where pooches are welcomed with open arms. Here, Luna and Skye enjoy free damples of treats before going home.

Skye and Rebecca also train agility together and love travelling to their competitions where they make many friends of both the human and hound variety. This Happy Dog Day Rebecca will be taking both Skye and Luna on one of their favourite trips to Whitby.

Luna and Skye enjoying one of their favourite beaches!
Luna and Skye enjoying one of their favourite beaches

Sam Birkin- @sammybir86

In Sam’s house she tries to make every day Happy Dog Day. However this year will be her first with 3 dogs of different ages. Sam has recently taken on another young pup in addition to her gorgeous labs Candy and Ozzy.

Sam likes to use enrichment training during the day to keep the dogs minds active while also keeping them out of the heat. It also prevents the dogs getting bored while she works. Her favourite is a frozen kong where she stuffs a kong full of treats as they last ages.

This Thursday to celebrate Happy Dog Day they will be paddling in the pool (if it’s still warm) and going for a cool evening walk. They may even visit their local dog friendly pub. The day will be finished, as it always is with lots of cuddles on the sofa.

Candy and Ozzy enjoying Happy Dog Day in the sunshine
Candy and Ozzy enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully it will be warm this Thursday!

Laura Tracey- @hekkigram

Hektor enjoying Happy Dog Day on his paddleboard
Hektor enjoying a paddle board session

Laura and her dog Hektor love going on adventure. Together they’ve done everything from kayaking and paddle-boarding to luxurious spa weekends. Every weekend the pair have a new adventure planned.

It is a real bond strengthening exercise when they plan activities together and both look forward to it so much. Sometimes they have more chilled adventures like local dog friendly pubs and cafes for lunch followed by a forest walk.

Often, the activity is decided by Laura’s Woofs, Wags and Wishes book where scanning QR codes tells you which activity to do, adding an element of fun surprise to proceedings.

This Thursday Laura and Hektor will be commemorating Happy Dog Day together with a lovely walk followed by a stay home activity from the book. Laura is even going to cook him a nice steak for dinner!

Happy Dog Day Indeed!

Everyone at Dog Furiendly and Houndy would like to wish you a good Happy Dog Day. Appreciate your furry best friends and give them the kind of day they deserve!

For more dog awareness days head to our discover page.

How will you and your dog be spending Happy Dog Day together? Let us know in the comments!


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