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How To Take Great Photos Of Your Dog!

A lot of people don’t know how to take good photos of their dogs. Sometimes it’s the lighting at fault, sometimes it’s the background and sometimes your furry angel just won’t sit still. This guide, courtesy of Animal Friends Insurance will teach you how to take good photos of your dog!

Our friends at Animal Friends Pet Insurance know how important photos are. They capture some of the best moments of your and your pooches life together, a constant reminder of the love you share and the fun you have. So you want your photos to look good right?

We’ve compiled a list with Animal Friends of our top tips and tricks to take a good photo of your dog!

How Do You Get Good Photos Of Dogs?

Check out our top tips and tricks to get good photos of your dog that you can proudly display around the house and your social media channels.

Consider Your Dogs Personality When Taking Photos

Pooches are the perfect subject for a picture. Their faces and body language are so expressive that they practically leap out of the photo at you. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t make you work to capture them like this. In fact, the most diva-ish runway model has nothing on your pup when they don’t want to take part in a photoshoot.

The way you run your photoshoot with your dog should depend on their personality. If your pooch is energetic and excitable then expect the shoot to be unpredictable and fast paced. If anything, you may need to calm them down in order to get great quality photographs.

Conversely, if your dog is laid back and relaxed then you may want to arm yourself with treats or toys in order to catch their attention and encourage them to follow your directions.

Finally, remember that photographs are about personality, something that your dog has barrels of. It may surprise you that at the end of the shoot your favourite photo might be one where your dog has pulled a silly face or not followed your instructions.

You should bear this in mind with the type of poses you try to get your dog to do as well. Every dog has quirks and habits that make them unique, embrace them.

Use Natural Light To Get Great Photos

Natural light can be the difference between a great photo of your dog and another file in your deleted reel. The constantly changing nature of natural light makes it perfect for a striking portrait of your pooch.

Shortly before sunset or right after sunrise is the perfect time to take a good photo of dogs. This is because the sun creates a golden and hazy background that is ideal for candid photos and looks joyful. These time periods are so picturesque that photographers refer to them as “the golden hour”.

Surprisingly, cloudy days can also be great for pictures. While clouds don’t help you take bright photos they do create a pleasant glow in the background and adds atmosphere. This helps you take well-lit photos no matter where they’re being taken.

There are also times to try to avoid natural light. For example, try to avoid harsh and direct light as this can create unflattering shadows and make the subject or photographer squint.

Use Your Phone Light If Needs Be

Sometimes, when your pooch nods off on the sofa looking adorable you simply have to get a photo. Unfortunately our own houses very rarely offer good lighting. To get a great candid without disturbing them simply shine your torch light at your dog as you take the picture.

This isn’t as good as natural lighting but can improve pictures taken indoors.

Capture Your Relationship With Your Dog For Great Photos

Your dog is your furry best friend. They absolutely adore them and you absolutely adore them. This kind of relationship translates into photographs more than you might realise. Your dog feels more relaxed, comfortable and happy in your presence. So why not get some lovely photos of you together?

Get a partner or friend to capture a few candid snaps of you and your dog together next time you go for a walk or a day out. You might be surprised with how well they turn out.

Use Burst Mode To Get Good Action Shot Pictures Of Your Dog

Action shots are a great way to capture your dogs personality and excitement. When dogs are running around and being active they are unpredictable. This means that trying to set up an established shot usually doesn’t turn out how you intend. Use this to your advantage by using burst mode.

Burst mode is a really handy feature that allows you to take lots of pictures in just seconds. This is perfect for capturing your dog doing something active like running. You’ll get photos from lots of angles and your dog will have varied expressions throughout the images. This can help create either hilarious or great photos of your dog. Both are good!

Take Photos Of Your Dog At Eye Level

There isn’t a wrong angle to take a picture from but some are much more effective than others. For best results you might want to get down to your dogs level. This helps your dog feel more comfortable and secure, especially if they’re unfamiliar with cameras.

Crouch down or lie on the floor to change the perspective of your photographs.

Pro tip: shoot at a level where you have direct eye contact with your dog for some of the cutest pictures you’ll ever take. Focusing the camera on your pet’s eyes results in soulful portraits.

Use Reflection To Get Great Pictures Of Your Dog

Capture a photo of your dog gazing through a window or staring into a puddle. While editing this image flip the photo for a truly impressive shot. This tip is trickier than the others and does require some skill!

Use Zoom For Dog Photos

Make your dog feel more comfortable by zooming in on them rather than crowding their personal space. Your pooch will be much more playful and receptive to your directions if they feel comfortable.

Once the dog is comfortable you’ll get more organic seeming photos. Zoom can also help you to experiment with different angles and compositions. Zoom lens are also very useful for taking high quality photos from a distance which can be especially useful on dog walks etc.

Have Fun!

Most importantly of all, the experience should be fun for you and your pooch!

Our dogs moods are reflected in their faces and expressions. So to take the best photos of your dog you want them to be relaxed, at ease and enjoying themselves. If the photo session is fun for them then they will reward you with smiles and good energy.

How do you make sure it’s fun? be light and playful in your tone. Make sure that you yourself are also enjoying taking the snaps and don’t be stressed if it goes wrong. Finally, consider your dogs personality, are they more active in the mornings or the afternoon?

It’s best to take photos at a time when they have plenty of energy.

Do you have any tail-wagging tips for taking photos?

Every dog owner ought to harness their photography skills to capture their perfect memories with their pooch. Utilise the tips in this article to take great pictures of your dog and don’t forget to tag us and Animal Friends in your pics on Instagram!

For more articles full of tips check out the advice section of Houndy. Alternatively, find somewhere stunning to put our photography tips to the test at Dog Furiendly.


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