The Most Pawfect Dog Cake Toppers For Humans

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Baking human cakes at home, is a great way to pour your passion for pooches into a tail-wagging celebration. In fact, a dog cake topper can turn a tasty cake into a total showstopper!

If you have a human birthday coming up, and they’re absolutely barking for our furry besties – then these dog cake toppers are perfect. Garnish your fantastic cake with some of these adorable toppers.

Please note, these toppers are for human consumption only and are not to be fed to the dogs.

Scottish Terrier Cake Topper

Scottish terrier cake toppers dog figures fondant dogs image 1

Cockapoo Dog Cake Topper

Fondant cockapoo cake toppers dog cake toppers birthday cake image 1

Bull Terrier Cake Topper

dog cake topper fondant dog birthday cake image 1

Dalmatian Dog Cake Topper

Puppy cake topper fondant dog topper dalmatian topper image 1

Edible Cake Topper

Fondant Edible Dog Cake Topper image 1

Party Hat Dog Cake Topper

dog topper image 1

Handmade Funny Dog Cake Topper

Wedding Cake Topper With Dogs

Daschund Cupcake Topper

Dachshund Cupcake Toppers Sausage Dog Cupcake Toppers Dog image 1

Personalised Dog Cake Toppers

Are you drooling over these tasty toppers?

Do you love to sprinkle your love of dogs in all your human baking? Let us know in the comments below!

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