Keeping Hardwood Floors Clean With Dogs

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Keeping hardwood floors clean when you have dogs can be a real challenge. We wouldn’t change our precious pooches for the world but we can all agree that they make a mess. Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your hardwood floors clean.

How do you keep hardwood floors clean with dogs?


As with many cases, prevention is often better than a cure. If you can limit the amount that your dog sheds then your hardwood floors will require less cleaning in the long run.

Limit the amount your dog sheds by:

  1. Trimming your pooches hair. Either take your dog to a professional groomer or trim them yourself with a dog hair clipper.
  2. Groom your dog regularly. Give them regular baths and groom them afterwards with a quality brush to rid them of any loose fur.
  3. Eliminate fleas immediately. Fleas make your dog scratch which causes irritation on their skin but also leads to more hair being shed. Fleas are extremely uncomfortable for our pooches so this step will kill two birds with one stone.


While you can limit the amount that your dog sheds, hair on your hard floors is inevitable when you have a pet. However, you can keep your floors clean and tidy with the following steps:

  1. Try using a damp mop to clean hardwood floors. A damp mop picks up a surprising amount of dog hair, leaving your floors pristine. Please note the mop should be damp and not soaked as too much moisture will damage hardwood floors over time.
  2. Get a special hardwood floor attachment for your vacuum. This ought to pick up the majority of fur around your house.
  3. Find a microfiber duster. This will pick up dog hair very effectively and is perfect for daily/regular cleaning use.

Special Equipment

There are certain devices available that can take the pain out of keeping your hardwood floors clean and hair free. Our friends at Rug Doctor have just released the cordless hard floor cleaner.

The battery powered cleaner comes with 2 rollers that work together with a solution spray to clean and buff your hard floors collecting the dirty water as it goes. No more scrubbing and no more hard work, this cleaner does it all for you!

Easy to use with just a button to turn the device on and a button to spray the solution as required. A cordless cleaner makes it much more convenient to hoover.

To ensure a deep clean the Rug Doctor all-in-one floor cleaner solution is designed specifically to tackle those tricky stains on hardwood floors. When you purchase the Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner you receive 2 bottles of All-in-one floor cleaner and 2 bottles of pet all-in-one floor cleaner free of charge.

You can find more information about the Rug Doctor Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner here.

Keeping your hard wood floors clean of dog hair and mess is easier with the tips we’ve offered.

For more great tips check out our advice page.


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