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Meet Our Pawesome Pals From DOG-ABOUT-TOWN

Just like our canine companions, if there’s one thing we’re barking for, it’s a lovely smell. Nobody knows a good scent quite like our pals at DOG-ABOUT-TOWN. They create home fragrances that neutralise doggy and household smells by harnessing the power of natural botanical extracts.

We caught up with Tom Leonard-White to chat all about this tail-wagging business and the inspiration behind it.

We LOVE DOG-ABOUT-TOWN, and we’re really excited to learn more about it! What inspired you to start this business Tom?

When we became dog parents six years ago we searched the pet shop for air fresheners that actually helped to remove pet smells and not just cover them up. Those few that did were embarrassing to have out on show, used the same old tired fragrances and relied on chemicals and enzymes. They did not go down well with our allergy sensitive French bulldog and so the idea of a stylish home fragrance brand with unique perfume quality fragrances that are powered by nature was born!

As a odour neutralising business we focus on making our products stylish so you don’t have to hide them, use 100% unique fragrance formulas and have dog-safe natural ingredients at their core.

Absolutely love that. We have a sensitive pooch so we know the joy it can bring when you’re buried in research trying to figure it all out. What is the best thing about working on DOG-ABOUT-TOWN?

The creative process of making a new fragrance is so exciting to me – it takes months of testing and tweaking to finalise each formula but it’s so satisfying when you have a finished scent that is totally unique to your brand and actually neutralises bad smells too!

Creating fragrances sounds like so much fun! Tell us, how did you choose the name for your business?

We’re all about making stylish and worldly products. With a nod to Oscar Wilde; he’s well dressed, makes friends with ease and knows all the best water bowls; he’s quite the ‘dog-about-town’.

Yes, he is a total ‘dog-about-town’. “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Do you have dogs yourself?

Yes two gorgeously silly and sometimes stinky frenchies called Betty and Ivy. There’s more info about them and how they inspired our brand. Betty is an old soul – she loves to cuddle, relax and sunbathe, and can be as stubborn as a mule! Ivy is an eternal puppy at heart – she’s crazy, playful and the most food motivated dog I’ve ever met but is so affectionate and won’t leave your side.

Adorable, Betty sounds like my spirit animal. What did you do before you started DOG-ABOUT-TOWN?

I had been an international events and logistics manager for 15 years which saw me travel the globe. Traveling could be lonely at times but it filled me with inspiration for our unique fragrances such as ‘Day of the Dogs’, ‘At the River’ and our current limited edition ‘Tokyo Nights’.

I always wondered how you came up with fragrance names. So I’m guessing you’re a big fan of travel! Where is your favourite destination?

It’s a tricky one but I would have to say Lake Como in Italy. I married my husband there in 2018 and it’s the most beautiful and relaxing place which inspired our ‘Roses at the Grand Hotel’ fragrance.

That sounds beautiful. Do you have any favourite dog friendly places that you visit with the dogs?

The dogs’ favourite walk is at Lyme Park which is the National Trust property where Pride and Prejudice was filmed. They have dog weekends once a month where pooches can come inside the actual house grounds which is really popular, otherwise you can always take them around the acres of land surrounding it and finish off at the outdoor cafe.

Amazing. Pretty place to walk, and somewhere to grab a cuppa’ – what more could you want? Come on then, give us some random facts. What are some things people probably don’t know about you?

Sometimes I don’t think people realise that we create our products from a workshop in our home – it’s under a major renovation at the moment so we’ll have a brand spanking new space in a few weeks! Follow us on social media to see progress updates!

Wow! I always thought they were just made in a factory. That makes your products all the more special. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

Im not sure I could get through the day without a midday diet coke (and a bottle out of our room mist to freshen up the house, of course!)

Nothing better than a refreshing diet coke (other diet drinks are available) and a feast for the nose. So to wrap up, are there any exciting plans in the pipeline for DOG-ABOUT-TOWN?

We’ve always got new limited edition fragrances planned which are released every Autumn and Spring (prepare for major beach vibes next year). We’re also setting up a bespoke wedding fragrance and perfume brand called Sirestan which will be launching in 2022!

Ooooh! I can hear the bells. Where can people find your products/services?

The best place is but we’re also on Facebook & Instagram @dogabouttownuk


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