Meet The Pet Boutique Who Are Reducing Their Carbon Paw Print

Saffron Pawtique is a UK pet boutique offering ethically sourced pet products. They are currently encouraging pet owners in Essex to consider their pet’s carbon paw print and take part in Plastic Free July. 

Sinéad Capon co-founded Saffron Pawtique after realising how many materials used in the pet industry negatively impacted her carbon paw print. 

She began a mission to support owners in making planet friendly choices with products that are durable and eco friendly.

To mark her first year in business Sinéad is sharing advice for owners on taking part in Plastic Free July.

Sinéad, 28, says: “Plastic free products are a great way to ensure that our choices for our pets are helping to support the environment. 

“It’s difficult to be perfect, but if everyone makes small changes by swapping a few everyday products it soon adds up.

“If we can help people do this when it comes to their pet, it can really make a difference and that’s why we support brands helping to reduce plastic waste.”

Studies by the UCLA into the impact pets have on the environment found that the greenhouse gases produced by the average dog is the same as two 4×4 cars. Less than a third of UK plastic is recycled and eight million tones of plastic enters the ocean, each year.

However, pet owners can do their bit by reducing plastic in toys, packaging and even poo bags.

Sinead’s Top Tips for Plastic Free July

1. Swap Poo Bags to Compostable.

4-6 poo bags are needed per dog for one day, this creates a vast amount of plastic waste. Choose compostable poo-bags instead, like those from Beco or Bag and Boop.

2) Plastic Free Toys

Many toys are or contain plastic. Go for toys made from natural materials, for example beech wood and hemp rope toys from Smug Mutts. Natural rubber toys from Beco are also sustainable options.

3)Natural and Plastic Free Bath Time

For bath time look at refill options, plastic free packaging and natural ingredients.  Dog & Coast’s handmade natural shampoo and conditioner bars are made from natural ingredients and packaged in Kraft paper. 

4) No Plastic Wrapped Treats

Brands are changing dog food and treats packaging to be plastic free including Beco and Boodles. If you want a treat that also supports reforestation projects look at The Rainforester.

5) Sustainable Bowls

Choose bowls made from bamboo, like those from Beco, as these are a natural and sustainable source of material. 

Celebrating Sustainability

Any order made from Saffron Pawtique between 16th–18th July will be in with a chance of receiving a Golden Ticket. This means you might win a range of prizes from a free toy to a discount on your next order. You can find out more by heading to Saffron Pawtique’s Instagram and Facebook: @SaffronPawtique.

Reducing Your Carbon Paw Print This Plastic Free July? 

Let us know any of  your top tips in the comments!


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