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Our Review Of The Furbo 360°

Check-in on your dog and see if your dog is naughty, nice or up to snow good when you’re out of the house. The new Furbo 360° is a great gadget to add to your wish-list this Christmas, check out our full review, to find out why, below.

What is a Furbo? 

Furbo is a live-streaming camera designed for you to see, talk and give treats to your dog while you’re out and about from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. It’s one of the only cameras out there tailored for dogs and includes a real-time barking alert that sends a notification to your phone while you’re out and about or at work.

We previously reviewed the original Furbo, which we loved for many reasons. The 360° version has all of the bells and whistles of the original but with a new 360° functionality that allows you to remotely turn and rotate the device.

The 360° version also has automatic tracking and will find and follow your furry friend automatically, as they potter about the house. How neat is that? Now you can see for yourself if the dog toy really exploded all on its own… or whether someone is barking porkies! 

Out Of The Box

Out of the box the Furbo 360° and original Furbo are very similar. Both cameras have a sleek modern design that fits well within most homes and doesn’t look out of place. The white base and bamboo top are easy to wipe down and keep clean. The bottom also had little adhesive feet so you can keep the Furbo firmly in place.

Just like the other design, the Furbo is fast and easy to set up. You just need to plug it in, download the app and connect it to your WiFi. The whole process is super speedy and before we knew it, our camera was pointing at Loki’s beautiful face.

You can have multiple Furbos set up throughout the house. I have the 360 in my Living Room and the original Furbo in my Kitchen. The Furbo app makes it seamless to switch between both cameras that are streaming.

Our Favourite Features

One of my favourite things about the Furbo, is the remote control treat tossing. It allows you to reward your dog, even if you are away from home or in another room. This is really beneficial for consistent training. The Furbo 360° also sends real-time barking alerts if your dog is barking which can also be incredibly helpful.

This version of the camera also has some improved colour night-vision, which is super handy for tracking your dog in these early Winter mornings. It works incredibly well in low lit environments. Coupled with 1080p full HD camera, The Furbo 360° gives beautifully crisp video, day or night making it the best doggy camera available.

Our Verdict?

Overall we have to give the Furbo 360° a 5-paw-rating. It’s so easy to set up and use, but above all of this, the peace of mind it provides is an absolute must-have for any pet parent. It’s worth every penny. The Nanny subscription service is also great providing smart alerts, cloud recordings and capturing the daily highlights.


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