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Why You Should Take Your Dog On Holiday?

There’s many reasons as to why you should consider taking your dog on holiday, but maybe you’re not so sure. Perhaps you’ve hesitated because it seems like a stressful idea, or maybe you’ve chosen not to go away to avoid separation from your best pal.

Now, it’s easier than ever to take your beloved pet with you when you do go. after all, our pups deserve a break too. We’re going through the reasons why you should take your dog on holiday with you.

Dogs Have Feelings Too

In one of his blogs, a top animal psychologist from Channel 4’s ‘Dogs Behaving Badly’ Graeme Hall, shares his love for dog friendly holidays and why they are, in fact, vital for them.

“Contrary to what most dog trainers and behaviourists will tell you – dogs are more like humans than you might think,” says Hall. They have the same feelings that us humans go through, including boredom, anxiety and loneliness.

“A holiday is the perfect way to reduce stress for both us and our dogs”.

Happy Dog, Happy Holiday!

Dogs are also affected by the stresses of daily life. They might not have bills to pay or meetings to attend, but they feed off our feelings. When we’re feeling stressed at home, they feel it too. When we’re relaxed and happy on holiday, they too will feel that happiness. A little leisure will help them to destress, just as it would for you.

Not only that, but they thrive on meeting new people and other four-legged friends. What better way to introduce them to a whole new heap of sights, smells and socialising opportunities than taking them on holiday?

Creating That Special Bond

When deciding whether or not to take your pooch on a dog friendly holiday, consider the special bond memories you can create together.

We all agree that a dog is a very special part of our family. Taking a holiday without them never feels quite right? We miss their love and companionship so much, so why are we forcing ourselves to be apart?

Our busy lifestyles can sometimes compromise all the love and attention your pup deserves. Your pooch loves spending time with you and craves those special moments. On holiday you have all the time in the world to create those special memories and build that special bond.

They’re Great Company

Of course, they make your dog friendly holiday so much better. Not only are they a great conversation starter, but they’re always up for fun and don’t spend hours on their phone. You’ll make a cracking saving by avoiding kennel or dog-sitting charges. Winner-winner.

Getting Active

The perfect excuse to get out and get active with your dog. There are so many places for your pooch to explore, dreamy woodlands, golden beaches or dog friendly attractions. We’re sure your dog loves the park they visit twice a day, but we’re sure they would much rather visit somewhere new and exciting.

Graeme explains: “We’re more active on holiday, which means our four-legged friends are as well! Most dogs are at their happiest being active, preferably outdoors, with their families.

Sometimes dogs can feel a bit pent up. They love being out and about, and what we tend to do in our world is keep them in the house while we’re off at work. A holiday is a good time for them to get all the exercise they need, whilst having fun outdoors with the ones they love the most.”

Tips for a good trip

Do a spot of research. So many pubs, restaurants, attractions and cafes are dog friendly now, particularly in the seaside resort areas across the UK. What better place to start your adventure than Dog Furiendly? Search for the area you want to visit and see what exciting things are nearby.

Traveling causes stress so make sure you pack all of your pups creature comforts. Try to pick the quieter times to travel to avoid traffic and make sure they’ve had a bit of a run around before getting in the car. Of course, they’re also going to need regular stops so they can stretch their legs and have a quick wee on a tree.

Choose a location that is well suited for both of your needs. Seaside resorts are filled with plenty of dog friendly attractions and beaches, while places like Brecon and the Cotswold are better for dreamy, landscape walks.

Be prepared. Make sure your dog is microchipped and has a dog tag with your up-to-date details. Knowing where the local vet is a good idea as well.

Picking the right accommodation We have a couple of places on our website, including glamping holidays, cosy B&B’s and luxury hotels. Get started here.

So should you take your dog on a dog friendly holiday? We certainly think so! Have you taken your dog on holiday? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. We have a touring caravan so we always take our dog with us since he was a puppy and would never leave him but when he’s away he’s a different dog goes very quiet never barks and is always glad to be back home

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