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Dog Friendly Holiday Weekend in St Ives

Hiya, I’m Duke, a cockapoo puppy with a big love of adventures, meeting new people and poochies! Me and my sister Molly are always visiting new places with our humans. Hopefully, we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same.

Last month, we took a family trip to the John Fowler St Ives Holiday Village! Read about our adventures below. Please note, this stay was gifted, but all tail-wagging excitement and reviews are independent.

We drove a really long way to get to our holiday! We stopped halfway for a quick break but dogs aren’t allowed in service stations so we weren’t very happy about having to wait outside! When mum came back she said she saw someone off the TV while she was in there so we were even more cross

Finally, we arrived at our home for the weekend, The John Fowler St Ives Holiday Village and mum went to check in. We weren’t allowed in reception so we had to wait outside with dad again. Mum said the lady on reception was very helpful though and gave her lots of ideas for nice walks to go on, including the woodland walk that was on the site.  She said that we were allowed to stay in the lodge by ourselves for a few hours too if mum and dad wanted to use the swimming pool or go and see the shows in the evenings.

We checked in to a gold caravan lodge and Molly went to go and make sure the bed was up to standard. She said it was very comfortable so she had a little nap while mum and dad unpacked! They could park the car right outside the lodge so it didn’t take them long.

We were all tired after our long drive so we got comfy in our lovely lodge, the lady on reception said we were allowed on the furniture so we stretched out on the sofa while dad went to the onsite restaurant and got a takeaway for him and mum. There was a shop there so he bought some wine too!

The next day was our mums birthday! The humans had cake for breakfast and then we all drove to Carbis Bay. We had a lovely long walk into St Ives, mum kept checking to see if there were dolphins in the sea because lots of people see dolphins in those bays but they were hiding that day! The beaches were beautiful and we had lots of space to run around! They all had really clear signs saying whether we were allowed on the beaches or not and because it was out of the main summer season we were allowed on almost all of them! In the summer there were still loads we would be allowed on though!

We walked into St Ives in about an hour and a half, including lots of time for running around on the beach and making new friends. Everyone had dogs with them so we didn’t get in trouble when we ran off to meet new people because everyone was happy to see us and give us a fuss! When we got to St Ives almost every place loved dogs! We were allowed in the museum, the art galleries and almost all of the restaurants and cafes! Mum and dad were spoilt for choice about where to take us because they all had signs outside saying we were welcome!

The next day we got back in the car and drove about half an hour to the Cornish Seal Sanctuary! We were really impressed with how welcome we were! Lots of other people had dogs with them and the staff there came to say hello to us. They said we were allowed everywhere apart from inside the cafe or in the hospital because they didn’t want us to scare the really sick seal pups. Mum made us go to all the free talks they had about the seals, she said that they rescued seal pups from around the Cornish coast and helped them until they are well enough to be released back into the wild. There were some adult seals there too that needed to live there because they couldn’t stay in their original homes and needed to live in the sanctuary. The adult seals were huge!! There were also penguins and otters there which were really cute!

On the way home we parked at Carbis Bay again, but instead of going left into St Ives we turned right and walked around the coast. As we walked around we spotted a huge wild seal in the sea! This walk was a bit harder than the walk into St Ives but we ended up at a really big empty beach. We were so tired from all the new smells and experiences when we got back to the lovely lodge we slept for hours!

We loved our trip to St Ives, it’s one of the most dog furiendly places we have ever been and the Holiday Village was the perfect base to stay in! Make sure you bring your walking boots!

Have you been on holidays with your pooch?

Where was your dog’s first big adventure? We would love to hear your stories! Let us know your experiences below. Follow Duke and Molly’s adventures via Instagram @dukeandmollytheporkie


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