The Meadows, Chester

A scenic patchwork of grassland and wetlands.

Following the side of the River Dee in the centre of the city. This beautiful 45 minute to an hour route we walked was breathe taking and so peaceful. There are so many routes that could be taken, each with amazing angles of the river dee and views of the different areas around Chester. In the summer cows can be spotted grazing amongst the perfect habitat surround by fauna and flora; making it the perfect and popular area for wildlife lovers and especially dog walkers.

BUT, because there are cattle and other animals if you have a dog that is very interested in chasing them like Obi (greyhound) than leads are recommended. In saying this if your dog isn’t like that and very obedient than there is so much open land for your dog to have a ‘WAGG-TASTIC’ time to run all over the place.

Ideally situated by the river, it’s a great location in which to relax and watch the boats on relaxing weekends.

The Meadows is suitable for users with pushchairs and wheelchairs. It is reasonably level; however due to the purposely unmanaged nature there are no sealed routes across the site. There is no official parking at The Meadows. There are four pedestrian access points; one along the footpath by the suspension bridge, another from bottoms lane, one from the land opposite the sailing club and the main entrance through lower park road.

The only problem I found was that there wasn’t enough poo bins. On my walk we spotted two… one at the entrance gate and one by the exit gate we left from. Therefore meaning I had to carry a used poo bag all the way around our walk.

I ventured out of the meadows and ended up talking a stroll down ‘Meadow Lane’ which took us down very nice and quiet streets which Obi enjoyed sniffing round for other dogs local to the area.

Ending up walking down a little high street next to ‘Queens Park’ so that we can pass the ‘Handbridge’ looking over the river and old Chester water Mill which was very beautiful as the old, unworked mill laid peacefully amongst the willows that cascaded over it.

There are little cafes and pubs along the way if you take the street routes halfway through the meadows which are very dog friendly and paid Obi so much wonderful attention and compliments Obi didn’t want to leave.

Rating: Obi enjoyed every bit of this walk and met some wonderful dogs along the way. Giving this a wonderful score of ‘5/5 wagging tails’

Route Obi and I took

Pictures of the walk:


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