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Thin Blue Paw: Meet The Police Pooches!

Thin Blue Paw Foundation is one of three charities, we’re supporting through Bark Aid!. This incredible foundation works across the UK to protect, celebrate and rehabilitate serving and retired police dogs.

Many people are unaware that retired police dogs do not receive financial support in their retirement. Nor do they receive any financial support rom the force they served with. This means the responsibility for their care and vet bills fall solely to their ex-handler or new owner.

Unable to get pet insurance due to their working life, many are left with ongoing vet bills which can amount to thousands.

What Type of Work Do They Do?

Thin Blue Paw provide much needed financial support to over 200 unsung canine heroes so that they can all have a long and happy retirement. When a Police dog retires, the costs of its care fall solely to the owner. It is near impossible for these canine heroes to get medical insurance. Thin Blue Paw provides financial support to help cover medication and physical therapy etc.

They also do incredible campaign work for greater protection for serving police dogs. Most notibly #FinnsLaw the legislation to protect service animals such as police dogs and horses, and #FinnsLawPartTwo which raised the maximum penalty for those guilty of charges related to animal cruelty. Oh and did we mention, they were the first charity in the UK to provide PPE including stab vests and canine first aid kits for serving police dogs?

Aside from all of this incredible work, they also take the time to celebrate our serving police dogs who are on the frontline everyday keeping us safe. They recognise this with annual awards shining a light on incredible achievements from these brave hounds.

Supporting Thin Blue Paw

This year, we’re supporting Thin Blue Paw through our annual fundraising appeal Bark Aid. With the support of incredible dog owners and our partners, we’ve raised over £7000, part of which will go to Thin Blue Paw and the incredible work they do.

Thin Blue Paw Foundation co-founder and trustee Dave Wardell said;

“We’re really excited to be one of three fabulous charities that Dog Furiendly is supporting with this year’s Bark Aid event.”

“We feel really touched that the team chose to support our work supporting retired police dogs and we can’t wait to see all of the wonderful four-legged participants in this year’s event!”

Meet The Dogs Helped By Thin Blue Paw Foundation


Bark Aid will provide funds to help care for heroic dogs who have served in the police force

Springer Spaniel Pablo retired from Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary in August 2019. The plucky pooch has recovered £250,000 worth of drugs, cash and weapons over his eight year career.

When Pablo started having difficulty going to the toilet over Christmas 2020, his new owners rushed him to the vet where they found a 4cm mass in his abdomen. The Suffolk couple had already spent £1,500 on investigations when vets said he needed £4,000 surgery to remove the tumour, and they weren’t sure how they’d manage to afford the bills.

Thin Blue Paw stepped in and offered them a grant to cover the full cost of surgery and ensure Pablo had a chance to live out his days. 


Dog Furiendly are proud that Bark Aid 2021 supports the Thin Blue Paw Foundation

During his four-year career with Cambridgeshire Constabulary, German Shepherd PD Blade helped control crowds at public events, led officers to missing people, and tracked criminals.

The heroic general purpose police dog even received a commendation in 2019 when he traced a number of members of a gang following a ram-raid incident, leading to their arrests.

Blade was sadly forced to retire by a spine condition that caused him to limp. The foundation has helped fund Blades ongoing medication since then.

His former handler Paul said; ““I miss living and working with Blade, but I’m very grateful to the Thin Blue Paw Foundation for supporting him and making his retirement much more comfortable.”

These are just two examples of the excellent work the charity does, head over to their website to see more of the hero dogs they’ve helped!

Support Thin Blue Paw

For further information, or to donate directly to the foundation click here. For more causes and charities check out the suppawt section of Houndy.


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