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Are The £9.50 Sun Holidays Dog Friendly?

Thinking about £9.50 Sun holidays?

The £9.50 Sun Holidays are a great way to enjoy a break without breaking the bank, but are they dog friendly? We’re sharing our guide on how to book a dog friendly Sun Holiday and make sure your dog is included!

Are £9.50 Sun Holidays Dog Friendly?

The short answer is YES you can go on many dog friendly holidays as part of the SUN’s £9.50 deal.

Unfortunately in our experience, the terms and conditions tripped us up and we ended up leaving our loving Chihuahua Charlie with a friend.

We don’t want you to get caught in the same confusion and potentially lose money on your booking so here’s a couple of tips.

Before you book, check thoroughly on the Sun’s website to check if you can bring your dog. It is not an add on or an upgrade you make after your booking. When booking your £9.50 holiday there should be a specific booking request for dogs and an extra cost which will be taken at the time of an online booking.

If it’s not available, but you know the park is dog friendly, then contact the park to see if the dog can join your £9.50 holiday. Some parks will only allow dogs to join as part of their main bookings, not the £9.50 promotion (like ours!)

Can I take more than one dog?

Yes you can take up to two dogs and the charge is for each dog.

Where can you go on a Sun Holiday?

You can book holidays with your dog across the UK and they even have European breaks.

Thinking of taking a UK break? Be sure to research what’s nearby to keep you, the dog and family happy. Are there many dog friendly pubs? Is there a beach nearby that’s dog friendly in season?

Sign up for a Dog Furiendly account here and save some of your favourite places to build your £9.50 adventure.

How about a European break? You’re going to need to research travel options and get yourself a dog passport. Luckily we have you covered, read our blog on European travel.

Share Your £9.50 Experiences!

We would love to hear if you’ve ever taken a £9.50 Sun holiday with your pooch? Or perhaps, like us, you faced some difficulties during bookings. Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Oh yes sneaky indeed I got caught out and ended up paying over double when I went there with my dog. ‘It is dog friendly she said but only if you book direct NOT through Sun Holidays’ and they wer unhelpful and snotty in reception, nice holiday place but would never go again

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