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Tips For Reducing Your Dogs Risk Of Cancer 

Canine Cancer is scary thought we dread to hear or think about. A thought we often stuff away in our brains and prefer not to imagine or give the time of day. However, with almost half of humans over the age of 70 and dogs over age 10 being diagnosed with cancer, it’s something that should be talked about more.

Did you know, smaller dogs have a much lower rate of developing cancer? Breeds like the Chihuahua or Maltese have cancer rates of less than 10%. The cancer rates of the Golden Retriever are much larger, at a staggering  60% or Rottweiler at 45.3%.

Scientists believe that a hormone that influences bone and tissue growth formally known as (IGF-1), may be a factor. This hormone is at a much lower level in smaller breeds of dogs and is suspected to be correlated with the lower cancer rates.

3 Tips For Reducing Your Dogs Risk Of Cancer 

Avoid Chemicals 

Reduce or eliminate your dog’s exposure to carcinogens/toxins in there day-to-day life. Eliminating these toxins will benefit your own health too. Chemical include pesticides, lawn chemicals, household cleaners such as detergents, chemical-based soaps, cleansers room deodorisers and air freshener plugins. Even a lot of candles emit chemicals when lit (more on that here).

We live in a chemically polluted world, so avoiding all chemical exposure is nearly impossible but cutting as much of it as we can, particularly with chemical cleaning products would be a great start!

What You Feed Matters 

Feed your dog an anti-inflammatory diet. Current research suggests cancer is a chronic inflammatory disease, fuelled by carbohydrates. The inflammatory process creates an environment in which abnormal cells proliferate. Cancer cells require the glucose in carbohydrates to grow and multiply, so you want to aim to eliminate cancer’s energy source’. Remove or reduce the number of carbs from your pet’s diet including processed grains, fruits with fructose, and starchy vegetables like potatoes.

A healthy diet for your pet – one that is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer – consists of real, whole foods. A raw diet isn’t for everyone, so we recommend swapping out a portion of your dog’s meal for fresh whole foods that are beneficial supplements. Look for dog friendly foods packed with probiotics and digestive enzymes. Super green foods can also help to boost the immune function. Check out why we’re buzzing about bee pollen.

Pop your pup on the scales!

Studies show that restricting the number of calories consumed by our dogs, will help to prevent or delay the progression of the growth of a tumour. Fewer calories cause the cells of the body to block tumour growth, whereas an excess of calories can lead to obesity. It’s important to remember that fat doesn’t just sit on your pet’s body harmlessly. It produces inflammation that can then promote tumour development.

Dogs that are overweight are more prone to many types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and faster degeneration of affected joints. Click here for more information on helping your dog to lose weight.

Cancer Fighting Recipes

Please Note We are not doggy nutritionists and every dog is an individual. What might be good for most might not be good for another dog. Always tailor each recipe to your own dogs needs and tastes. If you have any questions about your dog’s diet, please contact your vet. If you notice your dog has any adverse reaction to any of the treats stop feeding immediately and contact your vet.

Superfood Frozen Treat

This frozen treat recipe packed with cancer-fighting properties to supplement your dog’s meals. 

  • 1 cup of Broccoli
  • 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil
  • Half cup of pumpkin purée  – Add more if needed
  • Half cup of blueberries
  • Cup of Kefair or goats milk 
  • Ice Cube Tray of Choice 

Put the following in a blender:

Cup of kefir or Raw goats milk

1 cup of broccoli (steamed) – Broccoli fights inflammation, is anti-allergen and has anti-cancer properties that make carcinogens inactive. It prompts cell death in tumours and prevents the formation of tumour blood vessels.

Tablespoon of coconut oil (gently warm before adding) – contains anti-tumour properties that kill off bacteria for certain cancers, beneficial to the skin.

Half cup of pumpkin puree – Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A an antioxidant that is critical in cancer prevention. Reduces damage by free radicals. It is also rich in beta carotene which can slow cancer growth and support enzymes that cleanse the body.

Half cup of blueberries – Rich in anti-inflammatory properties critical in cancer prevention. They are also a source of antioxidants that prevent cell damage and contain ellagic acid which blocks metabolic pathways that can lead to cancer.

Blend and Pour into an ice cube tray of choice

These frozen treats are packed with cancer-fighting properties and will be an excellent and safe regular treat. For small dogs feed one treat daily. Medium and larger dogs 2-3 treats daily.

More Information?

For more Information on how to make the most out of your dogs diet life health and help them live longer, we really recommend reading The Forever Dog. It’s an absolute must-read and the authors of this book gathered wisdom from top geneticists, microbiologists and longevity researchers across the globe. Each answering the question: How can I make my dog live longer?

This educational read provides all of the practical and proven methods to protect our loyal four-legged friends. The book also features interviews with some incredible humans who have had their dogs live into their twenties – and even their thirties! The Forever Dog focuses on the latest scientific and up-to-date research surrounding food and nutrition, movement, environmental exposure and even stress reduction in our dog’s daily lives. All factoring into a longer happier and more fulfilled life. 

Click here for more tail-wagging books.


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