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10 Waterproof Dog Coats For Your Canine Companion

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If there’s one thing we’re used to, it’s our unpredictable British weather. When it pours, the cold, wet weather can be pretty nippy for your canine companion. A warm, waterproof dog coat will ensure they can stay comfortable and dry.

We’ve sniffed out some of the best waterproof dog coats, perfect for adventures both big and small.

Why Get a Waterproof Coat?

Having a waterproof dog coat can provide your pooch with added warmth and protection for our unpredictable British weather. For some, this may be more beneficial depending on the breed of the age of your dog.

Dog’s Age: If your dog is a senior or pup they are both susceptible to the cold as they struggle to regulate their body temperature. Older dogs have the added difficulty of being less active which means they need more support to stay warm.

Breed Types: Breeds with short-hair coats, breeds who are small, and breeds with a slender body type (such as Greyhounds) all require dog coats to keep warm. Unlike some other breeds, they don’t have the layers of fat or extra fur to keep them warm on their own. Dogs with longer hair and thicker coats don’t require a coat for warmth but they do benefit from keeping dry.

It’s also important to mention Poodle type dogs have hair not fur. Their hair easily absorbs water, a bit like a sponge. This means it can get very cold. Imagine heading outside after washing your hair in the shower and not drying it – it can be a little chilly.

Lifestyle: For other dogs, it depends on the lifestyle of you and your pooch. It may just be that you get a waterproof coat to shield them from the tougher weather types, like snow, sleet, and harsh wind.

It also means that you don’t need to towel-dry them because their coats will simply keep the water off them.

Safety in The Dark: Some waterproof dog coats come with reflective properties that are perfect for early or late walks as they provide added visibility keeping your dog safe.

Things to Consider

This goes without saying, but when deciding what coat to get, always put practicality and comfort before fashion.

It’s important to get a coat that fits them properly and make sure they’re not uncomfortable. Your pooch should be able to move freely in their coat, doing all the things they love to do without the coat on. If they bite or scratch at the coat, that’s usually a sign it doesn’t fit right and is irritating.

Above all, make sure your dog is happy and comfortable wearing one. Most dogs are relaxed but if your dog shows any signs of stress, then don’t force them to wear it. Many dogs benefit from the additional layers, so to begin with have your dog wear the coat in the house for a couple of minutes at a time with plenty of treats. If they are not responsive, or if they freeze – scratch the idea and move on.

What to look for?

Material: The most common waterproof materials are Nylon and polyester. They both wick water away easily and water doesn’t permeate through the outer layer. We recommend checking whether or not the material used is machine washable. This is especially useful if you’re likely to visit muddy places or have fox poo loving pups. 

Lining: If you’re heading out in colder weather, then a warm fleece lining on the inside can help to keep your dog nice and toasty.

Hole for Harness Ring: If you use a harness, then you will need to make sure your coat comes with a hole for the harness ring to fit through. This is so you can connect the lead while the coat is on.

Coverage: Waterproof dog coats can vary in terms of coverage. Some provide the bare minimum with the neck and back, others cover the belly and others the legs or thighs.

Ruffwear – Vert™ Jacket Sockeye

Ruffwear are the top-dogs when it comes to getting outdoor gear for your pooch. The Vert is inspired by mountain guides and dogs who work on snowy mountain tops. It offers protection from all the elements and cosy polyester fleece for complete warmth.

This coat is both waterproof and windproof – designed to cope with the most extreme conditions. Another little feature we love is the storm collar added to protect your pooch from unpredictable weather.

This coat also includes leg loops which are perfectly designed to keep it secure on your dog’s body. There’s a portal on the back of the coat which is compatible with most harnesses. It also comes with a reflective trim for low-light visibility.

Ginger Ted Shower Waterproof Dog Coat

This Shower Dog Coat from Ginger Ted is designed to keep your dog dry, warm, and clean whatever the weather. The coat is lined with warm fleece and features adjustable front and body straps, together with reflective piping. Made from a tough polyester fabric that is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and washable.

It’s available in a range of sizes with special designs for short-legged dogs such as Dachshunds, sight-hounds such as Greyhounds and barrel-chested dogs such as Pugs.

Hurtta Expedition Parka

If you and your pooch spend a lot of time outdoors in the countryside hills or magnificent mountains, then is the ultimate coat for your adventures. The Hurtta Parka was originally designed for the K9 units in the Finnish Army. The coats were made to keep dogs warm during maneuvers in arctic conditions, so it’s no surprise that this coat has the best insulation.

The Hurtta Expedition Parka has been designed especially for short-haired breeds and dogs without an undercoat to protect them in cold weather. This waterproof coat is breathable, warm and robust.

It’s been designed to allow your dog to run and play with a full range of motion and no restrictions to movement. The neck circumference and back length can both be adjusted for a perfect fit.

This coat has the finishing touch of reflective piping to improve safety and visibility in the dark and an opening to thread through a lead or harness.

Ruffwear – Overcoat Fuse™ Jacket

Another from Ruffwear! This innovative, light-weight waterproof dog coat provides good coverage without restricting any motion. The best part? It comes with a harness built-into the coat, which means you don’t have to play buckaroo with the additional harness before leaving the house. Just slip it on, clip onto your lead, and away you go.

Like the rest of the Ruffwear range, this coat is ideal for hiking as well as everyday use. The coat is suitable for light rainfall and non-insulated which means it can be used in warm weather or over insulating layers for the cold. It also has a reflective trim for visibility in low-light conditions. Two low profile zippered pockets are also added to the coat for carrying poo bags and small essentials.

HOTTERdog Equafleece

We love Equafleece! Not only is this innovative fleece 100% rainproof but also breathable, and washable. It also provides great coverage for the torso, chest, belly and front legs, providing maximum warmth and incredible freedom of movement.

All fleeces are strap-free with no pressure points, and it’s suitable for long-term wear. It’s also extremely handy for drying off wet dogs after a big swim. The fleece fabric is expressly designed to wick moisture away from the body into the atmosphere while retaining body heat – a much more effective and comfortable alternative to leaving a dog in a wet towel.

You can grab this fleece in Black, Forest Green, Grape, or Red! One of each colour, please!

Joules Dog Raincoat

This coat is perfect for the fashion-forward dog owner. The dog coats from Joules are practical, lightweight, and water-resistant. This coat is also machine washable. The Joules raincoat also has an opening for attaching your lead and harness.

Danish Design – 2-in-1 Harness Dog Coat

It wouldn’t be a dog coat guide without a nod to Danish Design. Once voted Indy Best Buy by the Independent, this innovative 2 in 1 raincoat has been very well designed. Not only is the coat lightweight, windproof, breathable and waterproof, but it also comes with a removable polar fleece lining. This makes the coat suitable all year round, during the Summer showers or Winter downpours.

The coat is machine washable which is perfect for muddy pups. For those who need a bit of extra safety in low-light surroundings, the coat comes with light reflective beading. This coat is a good all-rounder!

Hound & Yard – Olive Green Quilted Dog Coat 

If you want a dog coat that combines country style with practicality, then look no further. This classic raincoat is perfect for Country pups who like to hang out in Country Estates.

It features a quilted jacket, with a corduroy collar. The coat is fully adjustable, and has an opening for your hardness and lead to clip in. It can be hand washed or put on a delicate machine wash at 30 degrees. Perfect if you have a mucky ole pup!

RUKKA – Stream Dog Raincoat – Yellow

Rukka is another top-dog brand that provides a great range of adventure gear for your pooch. We love this yellow doggy raincoat created with a durable, waterproof, and windproof material. It’s also machine-washable which is great for muddy pups.

The good thing about Rukka is the rigorous testing they do before popping their products on sale. This coat has been tested for different weather and seasons, so you know it will withstand crazy rainy days and strong winds. The coat provides ultimate comfort and has adjustable features to ensure a perfect fit. Other features include a detachable hood, elastic rear leg straps for a secure fit, and an opening to attach a lead.

The coat packs down to a handy size which is perfect for popping in your backpack. There is also reflective piping on the hem and on the hood.

Hugo & Hudson – Puffer Jacket

Quilted puffer jackets are quite the fashion piece in the human world, but now your pooch can get one too! These coats are super practical as well, made from both a water repellant and robust material. The inside is filled with a premium quality filling so you know your dog will be propa’ cosy whatever the British weather throws. This coat also has a hole to attach a lead to your dog’s collar.

What makes this different from some of the other coats in this guide? The coat is completely reversible so you can change between different looks.

Share Your Favourite Waterproof Dog Coats

Does your pooch have a waterproof dog coat? Share photos and comments with us below. Who knows, your comments might help somebody else buy a waterproof dog coat!


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