Wag-Tastic Holidays: Why a Luxury Dog Bed Makes All the Difference!

When you’re planning a dreamy holiday, your dog deserves to be just as comfy and pampered as you are. And no, we’re not talking about a raggedy blanket in the corner. We’re talking plush, luxurious dog beds that make your pup feel like they’ve just stepped into their own personal suite! Thanks to our delightful partnership with Ralph & Co, we’ve delved into why it’s time for you and your pup to experience the luxury you both deserve.

The Eye-Popping Statistics: What You Really Want

We recently conducted a survey to discover your canine sleeping habits on dog friendly holidays. An incredible 97% of you take your dogs on holidays or staycations at least once a year. But here’s the juicy part—more than a third (36%) of you would be more inclined to book if you knew a pristine and plush dog bed awaited your pooch. Yep, you heard that right. Over one-third of you would be more likely to book if your furry family member’s comfort was guaranteed with a luxury dog bed.

Our very own Adele, Founder of Dog Furiendly, says that the holiday experience isn’t just about humans. “Offering a luxury dog bed is a statement that you understand the bond between people and their pets,” she explains. “In our community, we find that accommodations with such thoughtful additions receive not only higher bookings but also more heartfelt reviews. A happy dog makes for a happy owner!”

The Perfect Example: Welsh Farm Glamping

Beth Robinson at Welsh Farm Glamping takes dog hospitality to the next level. Every furry guest receives a goody bag full of treats, and a luxury pillow bed, thanks to our partners at Ralph & Co.

She said: “There is no way we’d choose to go on a wild adventure and leave behind our four-legged family. So when we created our glamping getaways, we knew they had to be dog friendly (or we’d be offering a double standard – and that’s a no-go for us!)… What could be more irresistible than an exquisite dog bed for your dog, in a luxury Glamping hideaways?”

Less Pet Hair, More Love

One thing was evident from the survey – many accommodations don’t allow canine companions on the furniture, but yet don’t consider where the dog will sleep during the stay. Alison Manners, who operates a dog friendly holiday let in Somerset, made the smart decision to offer Ralph & Co luxury beds to her canine guests. The result? Less dog hair on furniture and happier guests all around. After introducing these beds, she even noticed that her sofas and chairs were left in pristine condition.

“Since the pandemic, we noticed a rise in people looking to bring their pets with them on holiday. The idea of a staycation really took off during the pandemic, when international travel was halted. As dog lovers ourselves, we always welcomed pets here at Bailiff’s Cottage and were eager to accommodate them.”

Unfortunately she said she did see a rise in dog hair, and any owner will know how tricky it is to remove pet hair from furniture and bedding. “We initially bought a couple of nest beds because they perfectly matched the interior of our luxury holiday cottage and complemented the space so well. When they arrived, we loved the quality and so did our guests. After a few months we even noticed less pet hair on furniture as the dogs who were visiting preferred to sleep in the dog bed. Now we need to get some for our own dogs and finally get our settee back!”

What Dog Owners Are Crying Out For

We learned from our survey that over half (55%) of you think dog friendly doesn’t always mean dog-comfortable. Many of you feel that the extra cost of bringing your furry friend isn’t justified by what’s offered at the accommodation. We even heard some of you voice concerns about places claiming to be “dog friendly” but not allowing dogs on beds or sofas, even when no alternative comfort was provided for them.

Rhys Evans, founder of Ralph and Co said: “With more people than ever planning to take their dog on holiday with them, there’s an opportunity to attract new guests by accommodating their pets too.

“Our survey revealed more than half (55%) of owners believe that the extra cost of bringing your dog on holiday was not justified for what is usually provided by the accommodation, so there is a real opportunity for holiday lets who do cater to their canine guests to really shine.

“More than a third (36%) of people with dogs said they would be more likely to book a stay if a clean and comfortable dog bed is provided, so we are offering a 20% discount to dog friendly holiday lets who purchase beds for their four-legged guests to enjoy while on holiday.

“To help our customers plan a memorable holiday, we’ve launched a luxury travel partnership with dog friendly accommodation providers that promise excellent holidays for you and your dog.”

Choose Comfort

So, before you pack up the doggy bags and head out for your next adventure, make sure your destination really pampers your pooch. Because a happy dog makes for an utterly happy you!

Ready to embark on your next dog-tastic holiday? Visit our Dog Furiendly website for the ultimate list of pooch-perfect destinations. And don’t forget to give a belly rub to our partners at Ralph & Co for making your dog’s dreams come true!

Are you a dog friendly accommodation provider interested in providing comfortable luxury dog beds to your guests? Get in touch with Ralph & Co. They also offer a free interior design consultation to help you choose the right dog bed to complement the space and your existing colour scheme.


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