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We’re Teaming Up With Bob Martin To Banish Pesky Parasites!

Say a BIG woof to Bob Martin, one our official pet healthcare partner and sponsor of Dog Furiendly.

Parasites can cause havoc to our dogs. That’s why our tails are wagging to announce a brand new partnership with pet health specialists Bob Martin.

We’ll be working together to promote responsible pet ownership and advocate for more parasite control amongst dogs. We will do this by educating the public on the importance of parasite control, providing exciting advice and support for every hairy household.

More Dog Owners Than Ever Before

Dog ownership has spiked in recent years in the UK with an increase in lockdown puppies. In fact, statistics from Kennel Club show dog ownership has risen by almost 8% annually since the pandemic began in 2019.

Many of those are first time dog owners. As such, few are aware of the risks of parasites or the steps needed to protect your dog from fleas, ticks and worms.

As we edge into the summer and warmer weather, new owners look forward to enjoying a first vacation with their pooch. UK staycations are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners who are reluctant to leave their furry friends behind. In fact, Google Trend data shows a 132% increase for the search term ‘dog friendly holidays’ compared to May 2021.

Unfortunately, hot weather often means that our dogs are more at risk from parasites like fleas and ticks. Together, we’ll be working with Bob Martin to educate dog owners on the risks, providing them the knowledge to protect their pets through preventative and curative solutions.

“Getting your dog checked for parasites is usually the last thing on your ‘to-do’ list before going on a dog friendly staycation. We want it to be the first thing dog owners think about.”

“This way dog owners can explore with peace of mind. The dogs will be happy and healthy and all the lovely places opening their doors to our furry paws can relax knowing that no unwanted visitors have been left behind.”

Adele Pember – Founder of Dog Furiendly

Shared Core Values

Bob Martin was founded by Robert Martin back in 1892. Since then the company has helped people take care of their pets. This includes but is not limited to parasite prevention for dogs. Together with Dog Furiendly Bob Martin is committed to helping the pets of the UK live happy and healthy lifestyles.

“At the core of both of our brands lies similar values to improve the quality of life for pets and their owners. This made us a natural fit. Together we can support the dog community through a combination of healthcare and travel.”

“Our collaboration offers an opportunity to reach and engage with dog owners across the UK in creative and innovative ways.”

Adele Pember – Dog Furiendly

“For over 130 years Bob Martin has helped pet owners keep their pets healthy and free from fleas, ticks and worms; making vet-quality products available and affordable, without compromising on quality.” 

“This new partnership offers us a great platform to continue to engage with a new generation of pet owners. We will be helping them to look after their pet’s health, whether at home or away.”

Chris Socratous, Senior Brand Manager of Bob Martin

Are you going on a holiday with your pooch this year? Click here to read Bob Martin’s guide on preparing for a dog friendly staycation. For more helpful advice on caring for your pet’s healthcare needs, head over to

Feeling social? Follow Bob Martin to flea-dom on Facebook (@BobMartinUK) and Instagram (@bobmartinpets).


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