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8 Tips To Keep Dogs Cool In Summer

How do you keep your dogs cool during summer?

How to keep your dog cool in summer is something many people ask about. It’s horrible seeing your furry best friend overly hot and stressed out. In this article, you will find 8 easy top tips to avoid overheating.

Water is your dogs friend in the summer sunshine

The first tip for keeping your furry friend happy and healthy is giving them plenty of access to water. Your dog should always be able to easily get a few laps of cold clean water. Carry bottled water and a bowl. That way you’re always at the ready in case they get thirsty.

There is another way water can help in the warm weather. This is by providing an external source of cooling by taking them swimming! Whether it’s diving in a luscious lake, paddling in a pond, or rampaging through a river, they all help keep your pups’ temperature down.

A dip in the sea can be helpful for you’re dog at the beach too. For readers who are interested in taking their dog to the beach, check out our article on Top Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe At The Beach!

We know it is great fun letting your dog play in water, but don’t overdo it! This is because it can lead to exhaustion, low blood sugar or even ‘swimmers tail’.

Keep your dog out of glass surrounded spaces this summer

It is best to keep your dog out of the car during summer. This is due to it potentially leaving them distressed and dehydrated. Many people know this. What you may not know is that this applies to greenhouses and conservatories too. The danger with glass surroundings is that they get incredibly hot and can become dangerous for dogs. This is because there are no cool breezes and the glass magnifies the heat cooking your canine companion!

This applies to other people’s dogs, not just your own. Keep an eye out for dogs locked in inappropriate spaces!

Frozen food for your furry friend

This summer don’t forget to indulge your dog by providing them pup-sicles to keep them cool! Of course, make sure you give them dog approved frozen treats. Also avoid the stick in the middle to avoid potential harm.

If you don’t want to buy specific pup-sicles then there is an easy solution! You can freeze their favourite fruits such as apples, watermelons, strawberries, blueberries and bananas. What if my dog prefers vegetables you ask? Then maybe give carrots, broccoli, cucumber and sweet potatoes a try!

Click here to find out more about why dogs can eat bananas and apples. If your dog prefers other frozen foods to cool down then go with them so long as it’s safe.

Watch out for hot floors!

We hope this headline has made you paws for thought!

That’s because dogs are susceptible to burning their paws on hot days. You should always check the heat of the floor before you and your pup pal head out on an adventure. A simple rule of thumb is that if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for their paws. This is especially true for tarmac and concrete.

If it’s noticably hot, it might be worthwhile carrying your pooch over to a grassy area. Here their paws should be just fine. When in doubt encourage your dog to stay on grass areas.

If you’re interested in grassy green spaces for your furry friend to explore whilst you live luxuriously, check out our article 9 Dog Friendly Glamping Spots To Inspire Your Next Getaway!

Keep your dog in the shade and away from sunburn

Very much like humans, dogs get easily burned on sensitive and exposed parts of their body. Especially parts such as their nose and ears. Avoid sunburn as much as possible as it can lead to sores, blistering and even long-term skin cancers! 

Your dog is just like a human who can get sunburn. An easy way to avoid this is by making use of shade. Thankfully nature provides plenty of opportunities for shade in the form of trees, vine canopies and big rocks.

If you’d like to take your dog somewhere with a lot of natural shade opportunities, the UK has plenty to offer! Why not check out Lake District and stay at The Inn on the Lake or visit Cornwall and admire the St Breock Downs Monolith!

Keep your dogs run fun by going out at the right time of day

You should try to make sure you walk your pup in the morning or evening. The middle of the day can get too hot for them if they’re exercising or playing. Make sure to take breaks by playing and keeping you and your dog fit, it can make all the difference. By doing this, you limit the chance of doggy dehydration and overheating.

Somewhere that could be a great place to take your four legged friend for an evening walk in Cambridge. With its twisting spires and historical heritage, it could give your pup some canine culture. There are some really dog friendly places in this city as well, such as The Golden Lion Hotel and the BrewDog Cambridge.

Remember that it’s fun to exercise with your dog. Especially at the ideal time of day, but don’t forget somewhere to sit and avoid the sun. Cambridge again is great here, as it has plenty of hotels you can stay at like the Tuddenham Mill and the Hotel du Vin.

Know when your dog is getting too hot and may be experiencing heat stroke

The key signs to look out for to know your dog is getting too hot are heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse and excessive salivation. These are the milder symptoms of heat stroke to be aware of. The more severe symptoms are vomiting or diarrhea, a lack of coordination and worst of all loss of consciousness.

What can lead to heatstroke is excessive heat potentially combined with excessive exercise. It’s different for every dog depending on size and health. However into the high 20 degrees you need to stay alert. When the temperature is over 30 degrees you should avoid your dog engaging in extended periods of exercise outdoors.

Know what to do if your dog has heat stroke

If your pup pal starts to show the signs of a heat stroke, call your vet or pet hospital as fast as you can! This is crucial, as every minute counts towards you keeping your doggy out of distress and harm. As you travel to get your pet emergency attention, try to keep its temperature down the best that you can. Easy ways to do this is to provide cold water, cover their head with a cold towel and pour cold water on the top of their head or back of their neck. 

Thankfully by reading this article you should be fully prepared to make sure your canine companion never gets into this situation!

If you are ever in a situation where your dog needs emergency help and you don’t have a vehicle there is a solution. Uber now offers a dog friendly service with some drivers who are happy to transport your pup as well as you. To find out more read our article discussing it further

Do you know any other techniques for keeping a dog cool and safe during summer? Let us know in the comments!

For further information on things you can do with your dog this summer, check out the Adventure section of our website. To sniff out your own adventures head to our search engine.


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