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10 Things To Do Before Your Dog Turns 10

The life of a dog is short. One minute they’re a playful puppy, and the next they’re greying and taking things slow. So it’s important that we squeeze the most out of every minute, celebrating each living moment together.

Our favourite way to do this is by putting together a bucket list. A bucket list allows us to consider all the different ways we can give our dog a full life, with enriching experiences to enjoy together.

To celebrate Senior Dog Day with Burns Pet Nutrition we’ve pulled together 10 things to do with your dog before your dog turns 10! You can do these activities together or use the list to inspire your own.

Find a Sporty Hobby Together

To keep a healthy and active life-style, dogs (and humans) need physical exercise and mental stimulation. The word ‘walkies’ is music to their ears – but did you know, that there are many more sports out there to discover, that you can enjoy together.

If your dog is slightly older and has been fairly sedentary for a while, then it’s a good idea to schedule a vet appointment before training together.

If your dog is a big bundle of energy, grab your trainers and run together doing Canicross or find an Agility centre and watch your dog bounce through hurdles. If your dog is a lover of chasing balls, then sniff out a local Flyball team! Maybe you both prefer things at a slower pace? Try dog yoga. There’s something out there for every dog.

Dogs experience the world through their powerful sense of smell, so activities such as Scent Work and Tracking are great to do, no matter what your dog’s age is. In fact, we love the idea of a sniff list.

Commit to one for the year and challenge your dog’s body and mind. It will make your canine-human bond even stronger and who knows, you might even find yourself a life-long hobby in doing so!

Watch The Sun Rise Or Set Together

There’s only one thing more special than seeing the warm red and orange colours of the sky when the sun rises or sets. Seeing it with your dog. Grab the lead and walk to a scenic spot to get the best view. Grab yourself a blanket and snuggle together as you enjoy the moment of just being in the present moment with your dog.

To make the moment even more special, pack a picnic with human and canine treats.

Plan a Photo Shoot

Photos are our most treasured possession. It captures memories, moments, personalities and all of the love wrapped around it.

This one is definitely worth popping on your 10 before 10 list. Pick one of your favourite outdoor spots and either hire a photographer, or snap some family shots of your dog with loved ones. Make sure they’re doing all of the fun things they love to do. Chase a ball and capture them catching it, roll around in the grass with them.

Once you are done, not only will you have a trove of beautiful photos but a handful of special memories.

Go On Holiday Together

There’s an abundance of breathtaking places to visit across the UK. Each destination is packed with various dog-loving accommodation from hotels to glamping sites.

It’s not only humans who are affected by the stresses of daily life – dogs are too! While they don’t have to worry about the rising cost of living, they do worry about our feelings. When we’re stressed at home, so are they. When we’re relaxed and happy, they’re relaxed and happy too. Leisure will help them to destress, all while introducing them to a whole new heap of sights, smells and socialising opportunities.

A dog friendly holiday is a special bonding experience that everyone should share with their canine companion.

Try A Watersport

Whether your dog loves to be in the water, or beside the water – there’s plenty of water-sports you can both enjoy together. Keep it simple, head to the beach and dip in the ocean together for a freestyle swim. Or try something new and go paddle boarding or canoeing. Both provide of peaceful enjoyment of relaxation, and a great way to exercise and explore together.

If your dog is a strong swimmer, and would prefer to make a splash, then perhaps surfing would be a great way to dip in the ocean together. There are trainers out there who will teach your dog to balance on a board.

Would you rather keep your paws firmly out of the water? Why not go on a boat ride together, on the open sea, a local lake or cosy canal. Brownie points if you get to steer it yourself!

Go To A Festival

We are a nation of dog lovers, and festival lovers. So when the both are combined, it makes magic. There are plenty of festivals out there, where it’s all about the dog such as Dogstival which is squirrelled away in the New Forest.

Music festival Standon Calling is also dog friendly which has its own dog show and welcomes headline acts such as Bastille, Primal Scream and Craig David.

Others include, Shrewsbury Folk Festival, The Green Gathering and the Great British Food Festival.

Grab your lead, and lose your inhibitions together.

Climb a Mountain Together

If there’s one thing we’re really lucky to have in the UK, it’s an abundance of mountains with breath-taking views. Whether you plan to climb one locally, or plan to travel for a dog walking holiday – we’re spoiled for choice.

Why not make it a real challenge together, and climb the three peaks!

Bake Your Dog Treats

All dogs go crazy when something delicious is cooking in the oven. Well, imagine how excited they would be to know that what you’re cooking in the oven is especially for them? There’s so many recipes online for you to bake delicious treats for your dog, including cakes, biscuits and more.

Why not attempt to create a doggy cake for their birthday? Or treat them to a Friday night doggy pizza?

Visit A Castle

Did you know, England is home to over 4,000 castles? Wales has more castles per square mile than anywhere in the world. Our country oozes history in every corner, with buildings scattered throughout the countryside and coastline. Many of these historic buildings are dog friendly, allowing them to revel and smell all the history and culture.

Together and your dog can explore castle ruins, tall castle towers and beautiful grounds. There’s even castles you can visit inside together, such as Caerphilly Castle in South Wales.

Take A Train Together

There’s plenty of steam-train attractions across the UK who love to welcome our canine companions on-board. Such as Bala Lake railway that runs alongside the stunning Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) in Barmouth. Or Peak Rail which allows you to explore the Peak District without breaking a sweat!

If an old train with pretty views doesn’t get your tail wagging, then how about hitting up our national train-line. Dogs are allowed on trains, which means there are plenty of places to explore together. Pick a destination 1-2 hours away and make a day of it. Better yet, cut and print out a range of destinations and get your dog to pick one.

How Many Have You Done With Your Dog?

Whether you’re having fun ticking the things off this bucket list or not doing one at all. It’s important to cherish every moment with your adorable pooch. Have you done any of these tail-wagging activities? Let us know in the comments below.


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