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10 TikTok Dogfluencers That Earn Thousands Of Pounds Per Post

Dogfluencers are taking over the internet and it’s time for you to get involved!

TikTok has exploded since it was released back in 2016. The pandemic propelled its popularity with 315 million installs of the app in the first quarter of 2020. Lockdowns across the world meant people gravitated towards the app for light-hearted entertainment to fill their time.

Accordingly, TikTok now has 689 million active users worldwide. 11% of dog owners admit to creating a profile exclusively for their pet. Therefore, it’s no wonder many of these dogfluencers have taken to TikTok.

In fact, the hashtag #dogsoftiktok has 63.9 billion views while #petstsoftiktok has 21.5 billion.

While posting cute videos of your pet may seem like a fun hobby, it’s a big business with many creators earning thousands of pounds for their content.

As a result, Write from the heart decided to break down 10 of the biggest dogfluencers on the platform. They have also put together some tips and tricks for making your pet a star.



#dogsoftiktok #dogs #puppy #fyp #outfit I alway choice my outfit✌️✌️✌️🤣🤣

♬ Tampa Curhat Beat – referensishopeeterbaik

Followers: 5M.

Likes: 41.7M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £3,593.27.

Fun fact: This dogfluencer always chooses his own outfit!


Followers: 9.9M.

Likes: 91.8M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £7,113.89.

Fun fact: @azchpn features three star dogfluencers, including toy poodle Panna and chihuauas Azuki and Chocola.



The BEST puppers!! #notaperfectperson #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #dog #fyp #cleantok #rescuedog #foryoupage #4u @daviddobrik what do you think?

♬ The Reason – Hoobastank

Followers: 2.2M.

Likes: 24.5M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,582.74.

Fun fact: @arrowtotherescue is a rescue pup and has two different coloured eyes which is called Heterochromia.



@fairytrails.ig #pawz #pawzsavesthedogs #pawzofficial

♬ original sound – Pawz

Followers: 964.3K.

Likes: 14.6M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £692.92.

Fun fact: @fairytrails.ig features Sammy, Yuna and foster friends including Pepito who only has two legs!



He came in like a wrecking ball #groomersoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #foryou #fy #fypシ #doodle

♬ original sound – Girl With The Dogs

Followers: 2.7M.

Likes: 84.4M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,875.40.

Fun fact: @girlwithedogs is owned and operated by dog groomer Vanessa based in Canada.



Who can relate 😅 #fyp #xyzbca #miniaussie #bordercollie #siblings #littlesister

♬ original sound – The B Hive

Followers: 1.3M.

Likes: 23M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £937.39.

Fun fact: @beingbirch features border collie mix, Birch, alaskan husky, Bambi, and mini American Shepherd, Bliss. They do everything together. For instance, they all like to give each other hugs!



I thought we were gonna get busted 🐰 😢 #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #xyzbca

♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Followers: 4M.

Likes: 72.3M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £2,884.68.

Fun fact: The star of @dog_and_his_boomer, Nala, is absolutely adorable. In addition to that she is also a seizure alert service dog.



The end slayed me🥺🥺🥺 #socute #loveyou #talkingdog #cutedog #fypシ #bunnythedog

♬ original sound – I am Bunny

Followers: 6.3M.

Likes: 130.1M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £4,543.71.

Fun fact: @whataboutbunny can talk. Her owner, Alexis Devine teaches Bunny how to speak by using augmentative and alternative communication devices. Thus, she is a very special dog indeed!



That ain’t dog it’s dawg 👿 (🎥 @littlemissfurious) #ladbible #fyp #foryou #dog #doggo #dogsoftiktok

♬ Aint No simpin – WheresyourhoodieBoogie?

Followers: 1.5M.

Likes: 22.2M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,082.43.

Fun fact: @littlemissfurious AKA ‘Maddy’ is known for her unique expression. She’s so famous in fact, that you can even book her to star in a personalised video via Cameo!



Bobble head wants to wish you a GOOD MORNIN’ 🥰 #dogsofttiktok #dogbackpack

♬ original sound – For You

Followers: 1.8M.

Likes: 29.3M.

Estimated earnings per post: Up to £1,300.09.

Fun fact: @boomer_the_landcloud can do the Conga!

Tips for TikTok fame for your pet:

1. Find your dogfluencer niche ­­

With 689 million monthly active users worldwide, there’s plenty of competition. One way to cut through the noise is to find your niche. Therefore, if your dogfluencer is an unusual breed or has a unique backstory, consider making this your USP to stand out amongst the crowd.

2. Produce viral content

In addition, be creative with your content. In fact, try to take part in viral TikTok pet challenges, recreate famous pet memes and be silly!

Make sure your videos are 15 seconds or less to encourage users to watch your videos from start to finish. Edit them using trending effects, sounds and songs.

What’s more, quantity over quality works best for TikTok. Worry less about fine-tuning your video editing skills and focus on posting frequently.

3. Use hashtags

Beat the algorithm and use a few hashtags when posting your content. TikTok has a 100-character limit on captions so only use a few. Look at the hashtags that your competitors are using and use a mix of these and the most popular hashtags such as #foryoupage.

4. Build your dogfluencer brand

Equally important is building your brand. Creating merchandise is a great way to provide fans with an outlet to get involved and get your name noticed by others. It may even earn you and your pet some money!

You could also consider trying ‘story time’ videos to tell followers more about the pet behind the account. Another tip to build your brand is to have a presence on other social media channels and use a bio link tool to add links to these other accounts.

5. Set up a wish list

Finally, if you do hit the dogfluencer big time, remember to give back. Spread some pawstivity and set up a wish list whereby you include common items that animal shelters are often in need of and donate any that your followers purchase, putting this in your bio will encourage engagement and help those four-legged friends in need.

Kirsty Prankerd, Managing Director of Write from the heart commented on the findings:

“If you feel your dogfluencer has star potential, it’s well worth setting up a dedicated TikTok account for them. The app has seen huge growth. As a result many creators are reaping the rewards. Whether it’s their first social media account or an extension of their existing online presence. TikTok’s vast number of users means you can reach more people than ever.

However, with so many pet accounts on the app, make sure you make use of the dedicated hashtags to ensure your content is seen. Since your video is gone at the swipe of a thumb, create strong openings or add an explanatory caption.

Furthermore, remember to have fun with it and not to demand too much from your pet. Pets need to be cared for and cherished in order for their true character to shine through.”

In summary, to make your pooch a dogfluencer star you need to find your niche and produce viral content using the appropriate hashtags. Even more important is building your brand across different platforms and giving back to the community.

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