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The Most Adorable Instagram Labradors To Follow

“When God made Labradors he was just showing off”

We love all pooches at Dog Furiendly whether they’re big, small, soft, scraggly, lazy or excitable. However, the Labrador holds a special place in our heart.

We don’t know whether it’s their loyalty, playfulness, easy going nature or their kind eyes but we’re mildly obsessed.

This means that we spend a fair amount of time looking at cute pictures of Labradors on Instagram (sometimes when we should be working).

We’ve decided to share the love and make our list of the adorable Instagram Labradors that you need to be following if you aren’t already. We hope they brighten up your day as much as they brighten ours ❤.














Are you as obsessed with Instagram Labradors as we are?

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Are there any adorable Instagram Labradors we missed? We bet there are!

Let us know in the comments!


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