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12 Dog Friendly Date Ideas

It’s the season of love and people across the world are planning date nights. But there’s only one thing that can stop you from being swept in the romance, and that’s the heartbreak that comes with leaving the dog at home alone. The puppy dog eyes they flash by the door, the lonely look they have while waiting by the window for you come home.

Why should they get left out of our date night plans? We’ve rounded up, perfect dog friendly date ideas so you can make sure your real Valentine isn’t left out.

Dining Out Dog Furiendly

Candlelit mood lighting, tasty food and flowing drinks, it’s the go-to dog friendly date night. You’ll be surprised at the number of fancy restaurants which are dog friendly across the UK. Gordon Ramsay, for example, is a huge dog fan, and dogs are welcome at many of his establishments!

Use the search bar on our website to find yourself a dog friendly restaurant to wine and dine with the dog by your side.

Cocktail Making

There’s a whole world of dog friendly cocktail bars out there to introduce you to the world of cocktail making. Find a bar using the search on our website and see if they hold any 1-2-1 classes.

Some cocktail bars like Smith and Whistle in London and Mocka Lounge in Cardiff even have a cocktail menu for the dog!

Dog Friendly Coffee Spots Dog Furiendly

Grab a Coffee

Fancy something short but sweet? A classic coffee date is always a winner, especially when they’re cosy and quaint. If you’ve been together for a while, try visiting a Coffee shop and switching off the phone (first person to turn it on buys the coffees). Hey, the dog’s company is all you need to break the ice.

Take a Romantic Dog Walk

A classic, and probably your dog’s favourite idea – a romantic walkies. Walking is a great way to switch off from the world, with no distractions.

In the UK, we’re very lucky to have a range of walking routes on our doorstep. Mountains, beautiful waterfalls and lakes, scenic views and dreamy coastlines. Use our website to find some walking trails, or reach out to our community for ideas via Facebook.

Load your backpack with snacks and plenty of water for both you and the pooch.

Visit a Dog Friendly Castle or Museum

A little spin on the romantic dog walk! If you enjoy something a little more interactive, then visit one of the UK’s many dog friendly castles or museums. You’ll have plenty to talk about, and your dog will have plenty to sniff.

Trip to the Cinema

We’re really lucky in the UK to have a few cities with dog friendly cinemas. Glasgow has Grosvenor Cinema, cities across London have the Picturehouse Cinemas, Birmingham has The Mockingbird Cinema, and in Derbyshire, the Northern lights Cinema.

Grab the pupcorn, cosy up and pick up the treats for a dog friendly cinema screening. Classic date night.

Dog Friendly Cinema - Dog friendly threatre - Dog Furiendly

Picnic in the Park!

When the sun is shining, a picnic in the park is always our go-to date. Pack picnic bits for the humans, and throw in some extra treats for the dog.

Thanks to our typical British weather it’s always unpredictable, but don’t let the gloomy weather stop you. How about a surprise picnic indoors? Set up a picnic blanket and snacks in the living room, you old romantic you!

Dog Friendly Weekend Break

If you have a little more money to splash out on your lover this Valentine’s Day, book a little getaway! Book a swanky hotel with a spa, or a cosy cottage with a hot tub. Either way, exploring a new city together is exciting, especially when the dog can come too.

Boat Trip!

Around 99% of dates take place on land. Surprise your dog and lover to a boat trip on the open sea, river or lake. We love GoBoats in London where you can steer your own boat on Regent Canal!

Train Ride

All aboard! There’s a whole world of dog friendly train rides out there, offering glorious views and the chance to explore somewhere new.

Check out our list to find a dog friendly train ride near you.

Dog Friendly Train Rides - Dog Furiendly

Games Night

Whether you’re spending the night trying to break out of jail in Monopoly or forming words better than Shakespeare in Scrabble. A games night always throws plenty of fun. You could enjoy staying in or visiting a board game cafe like Chance and Counters, or a retro arcading bar like Kongs where they have ping pong tables too.

Think your dog has what it takes to be Sherlock Bones? We also love Escape Rooms or an outdoor Cluedo game like CluedUpp!

Wine Tasting

We’ve all pretended at some point like we know what we’re talking about… Smell the wine, swizzle around your mouth and pretend like you know all about the bouquet. No one will suspect that you are both clueless (or are you?)

There’s a whole range of dog friendly wine bars and vineyards where you can sample some of the tasty wines the UK has to offer.

Dog Friendly Wineries - Dog Furiendly


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