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Seth’s Dog Friendly Adventures in Pwllheli

Hiya, I’m Seth! I’m a sosij explorer from North Wales. I love dog friendly adventures and a good #tongueouttuesday! Me and my pawrents are always visiting dog friendly places, hopefully, we can inspire you and your pooch to do the same. 

We recently went on an adventure to Pwllheli! Who knew there were so many dog friendly places to explore? Check out my adventure below.


After a week of #ohnoitsmonday, #tongueouttuesday, #happyhumpday, #throwbackthursday I am so relieved when I finally get to #thanktheboopitsfriday – this is the golden #. This is the one where I know I have the next two days with my pawrents to play, snooze, explore and snifftigate new and interesting things….

Saturdays usually start off with a cheeky lie-in, I don’t get out of my den until breakfast is served… That’s followed by a few downward dog stretches and a self-groom (got to make sure I look fresh for the hoochies out there). “Chill-out Seth, you don’t need to do that this weekend,” Hoomum told me…. I wondered what the dog was going on? I was swiftly put in my harness (she caught me off guard, I normally enjoy a pre-outing harness face-off) and off we went for a day trip to explore Pwllheli.

Our first stop was Hughes-Ellis Pet Shop. A Pawsome independent family-run shop in the heart of Pwllheli. They’ve been serving us fury kind for over 45 years. I instantly knew I was in good hands here. The shop has a great selection – my tail was turned to “full-on” wag mode with all the interesting sniffs and bits n bobs.

Katie, who runs the shop with her mum took me upstairs to their Wildhearts Dog Grooming studio. Hoomum was explaining how I can be a little “grumpy” (as if…), a bit “vocal” (never…!) and a total “towel monster” (have you ever even heard of a towel monster…?) when I’m bathed at home. I’ll admit that I’m no fan of a wash, what pooch is?

Rub a dub dub, sosij in a tub!

Katie scooped me up and gently put me in the tub, turned on the water and gave me the best massage ever. I was so relaxed, I didn’t even want to play up. 

I just stood there enjoying my pamper to hoomum’s disbelief! Next was drying me off. I was a bit apprehensive of the dryer (I was convinced it was a hoover in disguise) but Katy put me at ease and made sure I was calm and relaxed, I was dry again in no time! My coat was left super shiny and soft and I smelt “good enough to eat”. 

Katie uses natural products which was given the thumbs up by Hoomum too. After my pamper I picked up a couple of essentials and treated myself to a new toy. I was even given a tasty biscuit which was much-needed treat after my pamper session.

Leaving refreshed and super shiny, we popped into The Witches Brew Tea Room (the hoomans were thirsty). They were amazed at the selection of teas available. Their cakes looked delicious and the food, very tasty! This café is super dog furiendly, cosy and welcoming.

Refueled, we headed for a mooch around the shops before lunch. When Hoomum saw Gwin Llyn Wines, she couldn’t resist popping in to have a look at their gin selection. Bonus for me too as they allow dogs in so I wouldn’t be waiting outside for ages (I’ve learned that gin involves a long process of decision making).

Dog friendly shopping!

From there we nipped into Siop Y Iard, a fab independent craft shop stocking unique pieces from local artists. It’s Pawsome they allow us pooches in, this means I’m not getting stressed outside (I can’t help it, I’m a Velcro dog….what can I say?). 

Another fab find was Genius shop, they were very welcoming and I loved all the head pats and attention I received (I can’t deny I do love a bit of a fuss).

All this walking left us all hungry so we headed to The Bryncynan pub for a late lunch. Hoomum had heard that the food here was fabulous. It didn’t disappoint. A super dog furiendly pub just outside of Pwllheli town. The staff were great and yet again, I was given attention by the staff and the locals who were enjoying a Saturday drink.

I really enjoyed my Pwllheli mooch, it was a day well spent having a pamper and discovering what it has to offer dogs and their owners. I’ve made Hoomum pinky paw promise that we will return soon to discover more. Hopefully on a dry day so we can make the most of Pwllheli’s beaches and marina!

You can check out all the places we visited here:

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