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8 of the Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in Brighton

Brighton, the seaside city known for pebbly beaches and stunning piers, is also a doggie paradise when it comes to dining out. Get ready to unleash your appetite as we embark on a culinary journey through the 8 best dog friendly restaurants in Brighton.

1. Lost in the Lanes

Pack your pup and embark on an adventure to Lost in the Lanes! This restaurant is not just a people-pleaser but a pooch-pleaser too! With a dog-loving staff and a menu that’s fresher than a puppy’s breath, it’s the pawfect place for breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner.

2. The Basketmakers Arms

Seeking a pawsome traditional British pub? The Basketmakers Arms is your spot. With cosy corners perfect for curling up with your pup, this place serves elevated British classics. We’re talking fresh seafood, roast dinners, and a range of beers that’ll make you howl with delight.

3. Plateau

Next, let’s trot over to Plateau. This place is as chic as a Chihuahua in a Chanel bag. Small plates, natural wines, and an ever-changing menu based on seasonal produce make it the talk of the town among pooches and their people. Plus, the relaxed atmosphere is tail-waggingly good.

4. Food For Friends

Are you and your furry friend veggie enthusiasts? Food For Friends is the place to be! As one of Brighton’s original vegetarian and vegan hotspots, it’s the perfect spot for indulging in globally-inspired vegetarian cuisine. Pups give it two paws up!

5. Mange Tout

Say “Oui” to Mange Tout! With a name that’s as French as a French Bulldog wearing a beret, Mange Tout is a brunch lover’s dream. With a sustainable ethos and relaxed vibes, this spot is great for lounging with your dog while enjoying coffee or a mimosa.

6. Lazy Fin

Time to hit the beach! Lazy Fin is where the sea breeze kisses your face and your dog can taste the ocean air. From breakfasts to cocktail hours, this laid-back spot is great for chilling with your furry beach bum.

7. Olive Grove

Fancy a Mediterranean escape? Olive Grove is like a Grecian getaway in the heart of Brighton. Picture this: sharing plates of Greek delicacies in a lush garden or cozy indoor taverna with your pooch by your side. It’s practically Athens with an English twist.

8. The Flint House

We’re ending this list with a dash of elegance at The Flint House. This modern restaurant is where the elite meet to eat. Think small plates, fine wines, and classy cocktails. Your pampered pooch will feel like royalty.

Something For Every Tail Wag

Brighton is a treasure trove for those looking to combine a foodie experience with dog-friendly hospitality. With its eclectic mix of traditional and modern, there’s something to make every tail wag in this vibrant city. So, put on your walking shoes, grab the leash, and treat yourself and your four-legged friend to the best dog-friendly restaurants Brighton has to offer. Don’t forget to reward your good boy or girl with lots of belly rubs and ear scratches for being the best dining companion ever! Bone-Appétit! Looking for more dog friendly places? Check out our accommodation guide for dog friendly hotels by the sea.


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