Dog Date Ideas To Enjoy With Your Furry Third Wheel

There’s nothing we love more than a nice cushy date. But do you know what makes it even better? A waggy tail, big slobbery kiss and wet nose – we’re talking about our canine companion. Dogs are the light of our life, so why should they be left out during a date. They’re the best third wheel anyone could ever wish for.

We’ve rounded up, some perfect date ideas to enjoy with the dog.

Take a Romantic Dog Walk

There’s no doubt that if your dog had to choose a date, this would always be on the top of their list. Walking is a great way to switch off from the world, with no distractions.

We’re very lucky to have a range of walking routes on our doorstep. Mountains, beautiful waterfalls and lakes, scenic views and dreamy coastlines. Use our website to find some walking trails, or find a new path to explore locally. Make it even better, by catching the sunrise or sunset together.

Don’t forget to load your backpack with snacks and plenty of water for both you and the pooch.

Bake Your Dog Some Treats

We all know the way to a dogs heart is through their little stomach.

Spend the afternoon baking them a cake or a couple of treats. You’ll be the love of their life forever. We have a couple of recipes to share with you, including PancakesBiscuitsBanana BreadPretzels… or perhaps some Pizza!

Make Some Puptails

Not into baking? How about cocktail making. There’s 1000’s of cocktail or mocktail ideas online. You can even treat your dog to their very own puptail. One of our favourite recipes is a Pup on the Beach:

  • ½ of a banana
  • ½ grated carrot 
  • ½ glass of cold water
  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  1. Start by cutting the banana into slices and grate the carrot.
  2. Next, blend all the ingredients together, and you will have a tasty puptail ready for your pooch.


Build a Fort

We all loved to build a fort when we were younger. Now, it’s even more exciting because you get to share your snuggly den with your pup. Build a comfortable fort with all your comforts and blankets from the house. Finish it with some fairy lights and snuggle together with dog treats and Netflix!

Poochy Picnic!

When the sun is shining, a picnic in the park is always our go-to date. Pack picnic bits for the humans, and throw in some extra treats for the dog.

Thanks to our typical British weather it’s always unpredictable, but don’t let the gloomy weather stop you. How about a picnic indoors? Set up a picnic blanket and snacks in the living room. You old romantic you!

Games Night

Whether you’re spending the night trying to break out of jail in Monopoly or forming words better than Shakespeare in Scrabble. A games night always throws plenty of fun. Treat your dog to a games night of their very own.

Do some scent work by hiding prizes around the house – this is a great game for the body and mind. Dogs have a great sense of smell, but sometimes they have to be reminded to use it. Alternatively set up a bunch of boxes or upside-down and hide treats or toys underneath.

Hide and Seek is another great indoor game to enjoy with your dog. Show your dog what you’re hiding (or who) and then hide the item. Give vocal clues for support and hints if needed. It might take a while for your dog really has a grasp the game – but when they do it’s so much fun. Don’t forget the fusses when they find it!

For more enrichment game ideas, click here.

Spa Night

Grab a face mask, sit back and relax. But wait… why not bring your dog into this cosy evening too? Pop on some relaxing dog music, and give them a massage of their very own. Finish them off with a brush and a treat.

Dog Friendly Weekend Break

If you have a little more money to splash out on your one true love this Valentine’s Day, book a little getaway for the end of the year! Book a dog friendly hotel by the sea, a dog friendly spa break or a cosy cottage with a fireplace to snuggle. Doing this might delay your dreamy dog night, but at least you’ll have something to look forward to once restrictions have been lifted.

Do you have any dog date ideas?

Share your favourite doggy date nights in the comments below. Planning on organising one of these adorable dates? Let us know or tag us in your photos.


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