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Duchess’ Five Favourite Walks in Norfolk

I’m Eliana and this loveable pup? This is Duchess! We love going on daily walks together. Not only does it give us plenty of quality time to strengthen our bond but it helps to heal personal health issues. Norfolk is a great location for dog walks, with a range of countryside, Broads and coastal beauties to discover.

So, without further adieu, here’s five of my faves!

1. Eaton Park

A lovely park with so many acres to explore. Here, you can usually find plenty of dogs running around, loving life, waiting to say hi and join in a game of fetch! Duchess loves running around here because it’s a very big open space. Even when its busy there’s enough room to run around like a lunatic.

This place is also filled with plenty of charming extra things, including a unique bandstand, a rose garden, boating pond and more!

2. Bacton Woods

These beautiful woods are filled with plenty of walking trails. It has a range of clear paths, so you can create your own adventure through the woods. You really are spoilt for choice with the potential routes you can take in this place. Duchess loves to sniff everything here! You can sometimes run into deer or other wildlife, it can also get very muddy in certain areas which just makes it even more fun to run through.

3. Mousehold Woods

Lovely big woods, paths are clear in most areas unless you want to go exploring a bit deeper into the woods. There’s also a big green if you want to stop and play ball in an open area. There’s also a lake here which can be very dirty but doesn’t stop the dogs from having fun!

4. Holt Country Park

Holt is stunning! There’s four walks to choose from ranging from 0.5-2 miles, all walks are clearly marked so you don’t get lost. Duchess loves coming here and going for a long run. There are also picnic benches to sit down after if you wish to stay and have a picnic. You can sometimes run into wild horses but they’re used to dogs so just be aware for your dogs safety. 

5. Salhouse Broads

Salhouse broads are the perfect place to go in summer! The dogs can have a paddle in the water, while the humans can sit on the man-made beach area. It’s a good short walk along paths down from the carpark to the broads, but that’s what makes this place even more special. Duchess loves coming here and meeting new people and splashing in the water.

So there we go! Mine and Duchess’ favourite walks in Norfolk. To be honest, anywhere Duchess can run, play fetch and jump in the water is a hit in our eyes, but these places are the best.

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