How I Maintain My Doggy’s Wellbeing

The majority of the time, our dogs are happy and healthy – physically fit, eating regularly, normal digestive patterns, excited and engaging – however sometimes, this isn’t quite the case. Dogs showing aggression, reactivity, possessiveness and lack of enjoyment are typical signs that something isn’t quite right.


One of the most obvious ways to keep your dog mentally healthy is through exercise. Extensive research in all species shows that physical activity can have a major impact on our mental health, so ensuring our dogs are walked daily will help maintain good mental and physical health. Many negative behaviours are a result of boredom, so exercise and stimulation games are an excellent way to break compulsive cycles. Training sessions and playtime help develop the bond between dogs and owners too which of course contributes to wellbeing.


Another pivotal step in maintain positive wellbeing is through socialisation. Like humans, dogs are social creatures, and should be introduced to the world from early on. Research shows that puppies are most inquisitive when aged between four and twelve weeks, meaning that it is best to get them used to new faces, situations, environments and other dogs as soon as possible. Having a well socialised dog helps with just about everything – vet trips, travelling, grooming and exercising – hence why it’s obvious that socialisation helps improve wellbeing and reduces anxiety.

Your Favourite Ways To Maintain Doggy Wellbeing?

While I’ve come up with just two ways, there are many others. As a community of dog owners we should be open to sharing tips and supporting each other with ways to improve our doggy’s wellbeing. Would love to hear some of your tips and tricks in the comments below.


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