Our Top 15 Dog Friendly Vegan Finds Across The UK

The vegan lifestyle is booming across the UK and it has never been tastier, with a mouth-watering range of places to eat. What puts the cherry on top of these vegan friendly places? If they’re dog friendly of course! So this month, we’re sharing our favourite dog friendly vegan finds across the UK.

Naked Bakery


This plant-based bakery is filled with heavenly Vegan treats. From doughnuts and cupcakes to pink waffles and fluffy macarons. You’ll be snapping Instagram photos for days. They also have a range of savoury dishes, so if you’re looking for a small vegan breakfast in Edinburgh, Naked Bakery also has a full Scottish breakfast, tofu scramble, porridge, avocado toast, and more!


Brighton, Bristol, Camden, Manchester

UK’s first vegan pizzeria, in various locations including Brighton, Bristol, Camden and Manchester. Dogs are always welcome here during regular opening hours with plenty of treats at the bar and fresh water available.

By Chloe


This spot in London brings a little American charm to London. This fast-casual chain of vegan cafes first launched in New York City. They serve quick meals and bakery treats.

The menu offers burgers, hotdogs, subs, fries, salads, grain bowls, mac n’ cheese, and brunch foods. They’ve also turned quintessential British favourites like fish ‘n’ chips and Sunday roasts into hearty vegan options. Don’t miss the cupcake selection!

Very dog-friendly and they even sell vegan dog treats

Holy Cow


The next dog friendly vegan find is Holy Cow! a 100% Vegan Cafe serving burgers, open sandwiches, soups, salads, smoothies, coffees and cakes in a bright and airy basement in historic central Edinburgh. They love to welcome our furries offering comfy cushions and a fresh bowl of water on arrival.

Greazy Vegan


This 100% Vegan fast food restaurant and takeaway offers mouth-watering items like the Big Moc Burger, The Vopper, Fried Chickun, Breakfast Vcmuffin, kebabs, dirty fries, and more! They love meeting our furry friends!

13th Note


This award-winning, leading vegetarian cafe bar is a lover of all animals, especially our tail-wagging kind. The food here is delicious and they have a wide range of vegan meals, all food is ethically sourced and free from animal cruelty. Not only are they a cafe, bar and top-notch vegetarian restaurant, but they also host live music and art galleries.


Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool

This veggie Bollywood blockbuster serves small plates of Indian street food, the best in craft beer and fresh water bowls for your furry friends. This place is a hit in all three cities. All their dishes are naturally meatless and most of the dishes vegan or able to be made vegan. The food here is so good, you’ll forget you’re eating vegan.

The Deaf Institute


We love this dog friendly vegan place! The Deaf Institute is absolutely smashing it when it comes to plant-based options, with 80% of the menu being vegan friendly.

Our favourite part? Every Sunday they have a Vegan Hangover celebration, offering diners a feast of animal-free specials from 3pm-10pm. From pancakes to cheesecake, burgers to tortillas, an array of crowd-pleasing dishes are adapted for those with the meat-free munchies.

Dogs are allowed with the bar area where they provide water bowls and treats.

Dog Friendly Vegan Place Le Pub

Le Pub


We love this community loving, tail-wagging and creative space in the city of Newport. There’s always something going on, quiz nights, food takeovers, live music and more. The majority of foods on the menu are vegan here, all apart from one dish (for those cheese lovers). Choices include a range of burgers from Ragtag, jackfruit nuggets, hearty dishes and fries.



These are the front runners in the vegan junk food game with a 100% Vegan menu and the first 100% vegan boutique in the UK.

Think of your typical midnight munchies – kebabs, burgers, chicken, nachos – Vx offers all of these treats completely cruelty-free! They also have tasty cakes, sweet toasties, milkshakes and peanut butter lattes.

They absolutely love dogs and encourage as many of them to come in as possible. So if you’re visiting Dame Emily Park or even Victoria Park, it is worth the walk.

The “best thing to arrive in Bristol since Banksy left for LA” – worth a visit whether you’re Vegan, doing Veganuary or not!

Cafe Kino


This all-vegan cafe is both tasty, ethical and community-focused. Serving vegan fry-ups and plates of mezze among colourful tiles, wooden booths and artworks by local artists on the walls. The menu includes some delicious specials like the Kino burger, vegan BLT, sausage rolls and homemade cakes. They love welcoming our furry pals!

Dog Friendly Vegan Place Le Pub

The Full Nelson


The Full Nelson, isn’t your usual healthy vegan fare, it’s a junk food haven. With finger-licking good (seitan) ‘chicken’ burgers and tater tots to boot, who needs Five Guys? It’s very small and packs up very quickly, so head there early and plan to have a drink at the bar until a table comes available.

Copperhouse Chocolate


Vegan chocolate house that’s also dog friendly? I think it’s called heaven! Fabulous cakes baked in-house and an all-vegan chocolate-inspired menu. Complete with signature hot chocolate, morning coffee jolt, savoury treats or boozy brunch. Dog water bowl by the entrance, dog-friendly furniture and super dog-loving staff.

The Caledonia


Dogs are always at the heart of The Caledonia, a city centre, full vegan, community pub. The staff will love and fuss over every dog who comes in, and each tail-wagging visitor even gets a goody bag to enjoy whilst their owners eat up.

Human food is so delicious you’ll hardly believe it’s vegan! Menu includes burgers, hot dogs, ‘wings’, breakfast, desserts and more.

Dog Friendly Vegan

We’ll be putting a larger collection together which will be available on the homepage. Don’t forget, you can use filter your search results on our homepage search bar to find those dog friendly Vegan finds.

Where’s your favourite dog friendly vegan find? Comment below or share with us via social media @dogfuriendly.


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