Designing the Perfect Pet Nook for Your Furry Friend

It’s no secret that pets are some of our most important family members. From a cat or dog to a beautiful bird, all pet parents want to give their best friends a comfortable space and lots of love. One way you can make your pet’s life better is by providing them with a cozy, convenient pet nook.

This designated space will give your animal companion their own little part of the home where they can feel comfortable. Read on to discover how to design your very own special pet room to make your pet’s life at home the best it can be.


Before you have fun decorating your pet nook, there are some key things to do before you start. Planning ahead will ensure that this new space for your pet is safe and convenient for everyone in the family.

Prioritize Their Safety

Choose a place that’s safe for your pet where they cannot accidentally escape. Ensure that they don’t have access to potentially dangerous items like paints, household chemicals, or anything they could accidentally ingest. Measure the area you choose, ensuring that your companion will have plenty of room and won’t feel claustrophobic or crowded. The area should be quiet and comfortable, away from outside noise so that your pet will feel at ease.

Choosing The Right Place

There are plenty of areas you can use as a designated pet space. Brainstorm some appropriate spots inside your home. This could be areas that are currently going unused or areas where you just cram things away for storage. It could be a spot underneath the stairs, a corner of your laundry room, or a section of your kitchen. Determine which location will be best for you and your pet before you start designing it.

What Can You Do

Whether entire rooms or cozy corners. There are many suggestions to help you determine which option will be the best for you and your pet.

Pet room- Giving your pet an entire room is quite a gesture. However, it can be convenient if you have a large dog or tons of extra space. When designing a pet room, picture a little bedroom where your pet can comfortably nap or retire at night. If you have a cat, add a nice perch to a sunny window so they can enjoy the view. Look at how the room is laid out, think about new ways to adapt it to fit your pets needs.

Pet nook– Unlike a complete pet room, a dog nook carves out a small part of an existing room for your pet to enjoy. This area can be a perfect spot to place their bed and a few toys. Your dog will always know where to rest and recharge. Pet nooks can be anywhere you want. From choosing unique living room furniture that features a built-in cubby to setting up a corner of your eat-in kitchen. A section of your laundry room is another excellent option. This is also a perfect place to store leashes, extra dog food, and toys.

Pet spa– If you have the means, consider designing a special pet spa for your home. This grooming station will give you a place to bathe and groom your dog without having to drag them to the groomer’s every time their coat needs some TLC. A pet spa is beneficial if you have dogs that love to get muddy and messy outside. Contact a bathroom remodeling contractor to find out how to incorporate an exceptional dog bath or grooming station into an existing bathroom. You can also opt to have one built from scratch if you have the means to do so.

Pet Nook Ideas

If you need some inspiration, here are a few creative pet nook ideas to help you get started.

In the kitchen– Look for a part of your kitchen that tends to go unused and make that your special pet nook. Place a small dog or cat bed there along with your pet’s food and water bowl. You can use a section of your kitchen cabinets to store all of your pet’s food, toys, and medications. This is an easy way to design a quick pet nook, and since the kitchen flooring design is all ready to handle spills and messes, it’s a perfect spot.

In the entryway– If your home has a decent-sized entryway or foyer, use part of it as your pet nook. You can add a beautiful wooden pet crate that doubles as a comfortable bench for guests. Incorporate your pet’s furniture into the entryway so that it blends nicely but still gives them a comfortable space where they can rest and relax.

Under the stairs– If you have a hollow space underneath your stairway, consider making this a comfy pet nook. Cut a hole out for entry and exit, and add soft carpeting as well as a comfy, cushy bed. This special nook under the stairs gives your pet a place to “hide”. Here, they’ll feel safe and secure while also giving them their own private space that’s out of the way.

Laundry room– A laundry room is a great place to create a pet nook because the floors are usually already designed to handle moisture and messes. Pick a spot in this room for a dog bed and install shelving to store pet food, treats, and other items so that everything is close at hand. You can also use an empty lower cabinet if it’s available and transform it into a cozy bed.

Fit into your furniture– From sofas and chairs to tables, there are lots of unique ideas you can use to incorporate a pet cubby into your furniture. Many companies make these products especially for owners so their pets can be near the rest of the family. Look for special pet furniture that is spacious enough for your companion to be comfortable. However, it should also be cozy enough for them to feel like they’re safe and hidden whenever they go inside it.

Designing and Organising Your Pet Nook

Here are some simple suggestions to help you put the finishing touches on your new pet nook:

Color scheme- Pick out a paint colour that you can add to the pet nook if it’s a new area or a spot that’s specially made just for your best friend. Darker colours won’t show scuffs or marks as easily as lighter ones will. Choose a quality paint that’s easy to wipe clean once it’s dry. Add pillows and accessories in a complementary color for a beautiful finishing touch.

Include a spot for toys– Place a basket filled with toys near your pet’s bed or in the nook, so they have access to their favorites.

Install hooks– Wall hooks are perfect for leashes, extra collars, and other pet accessories. Install some hooks nearby so that you can grab whatever you need and go.

Multi-purpose furniture– Get more from your pet nook by adding multifunctional furniture like a storage bench that doubles as a bed or a platform-style pet bed with a food and water bowl drawer underneath.

Choose the right dog crate– Your dog crate should be roomy and give your best friend the ability to look outside. A piece of living room furniture like a side table with a built-in dog crate works well since the dog will still be able to stay near the rest of the family.

Provide the right bed– Make sure your pet has a comfortable, soft bed that gives them lots of support. Look for cat and dog beds made of memory foam so they feel comfy and sleep soundly. Machine-washable pet beds make keeping them clean much more convenient, too. You can also find a pet bed with a removable, washable cover.

Choose the right flooring– If you’re designing a brand-new pet nook, make sure you install durable flooring that’s waterproof and easy to clean. Stone tile and concrete, as well as luxury vinyl, are excellent choices since this material is inexpensive and cleans easily.

Include a food station– Set up a feeding area for your pet in his or her nook so that everything is together. A food station with a stand that holds their food and water bowl is a great option.

Other Considerations

Here are a few other things to consider when you design your pet nook.

Make it peaceful– Locate the nook in a quiet part of your home where noises won’t distract your pet or keep them from sleeping. The quieter the area is, the more your pet will want to use it.

Build around it– Have some fun and build around your pet nook by adding a structure with storage drawers or a pull-out food bowl. If the pet nook is under the stairs, create a cute “doghouse” design around the entrance to add personality.

Design it to fit your home décor– You want your pet nook to feel like part of your home rather than an entirely separate space, so design the spot to fit in with your existing home décor. You can do this by choosing a similar color scheme and materials that coordinate with the rest of the home. For example, if your home is modern, add a modern-inspired pet bed or pet furniture to the nook. If you love the rustic look, add a charming floral printed bed to the nook for a sweet touch.

Show your pet the love they deserve with a beautiful pet nook. The possibilities are endless, from a space in your kitchen to a secret pet bed under the stairs. With the right accessories and careful planning, you can create a truly special space for your most beloved family member.

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  1. The humans customised a bureau from Ikea to fit my crate underneath. They took off the cupboard doors and the shelfing inside and its the perfect space to fit my crate! So they use the top half of the bureau to store all my bits and bobs in our hallway and it’s now known as Pepperoni’s corner!

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