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Is Parkdean Resorts Dog Friendly? A Tail-Wagging Guide

Fun fur all the family! 🐶

Planning a holiday is a bit like packing a suitcase; you’ve got to fit in everyone’s needs, especially if you’re a dog owner. But what if we told you there’s a place where you can holiday that has something for the whole family, including your furry bestie. Get those tails wagging because we’re diving into the ultimate question: Is Parkdean Resorts dog friendly?

Is Parkdean Resorts Dog Friendly?

One word: absolutely! For just £49 per pet per week or part week in caravans and lodges you can bring along up to two canines. With a whopping 66 pet-friendly parks across scenic coastal, countryside, and lakeside spots in the UK, Parkdean Resorts offers a little something for every doggo and their human. Just look out for that paw symbol when you’re picking your accommodation; it signifies that dogs are welcome. 

What Makes Parkdean Resorts Dog Friendly?

It’s not just about ticking a box that says “dogs allowed”. It’s about the extra mile Parkdean goes to ensure your dog has a paw-some holiday experience.

Enclosed Woof Parks

At the heart of Parkdean’s commitment to furry holiday-goers are their enclosed agility Woof Parks. These little parks have agility equipment, found in parks like Newquay, Lizard Point, Warmwell, and Cayton Bay. Your pup can sprint around off-lead and socialise with other wagging tails. It’s the stuff of doggy dreams, really.

Tail-ored Accommodation

Okay, this is where it gets really luxe. Some Parkdean caravans offer built-in feeding bowls and specially designated sleeping areas to put your dog’s bed. With these creature comforts, your dog will feel right at home.

Dog Walking Areas and Nature Trails

If your dog’s more of a nature lover, don’t fret! Scenic walking routes and nature trails abound. The smell of pine trees, the rustle of leaves, and the occasional squirrel —what more could a dog ask for? Many of these walking spots are just a stick’s throw from your accommodation.

Many Parkdean Resorts are also situated close to beaches, some which are dog friendly all year round. So your pooch can have their Baywatch moment, sprinting along the shoreline or frolicking in the waves.

Dog Friendly Outdoor Family Activities

Some Parkdean Resort parks offer outdoor activities that the whole family can enjoy—furry members included. Whether it’s nature walks, or casual games of mini golf, your pooch can be part of the fun, not left behind. So, go ahead and embrace those wholesome family moments, with tails wagging all the while.

Dog Friendly Restaurants and Amenities

Most Parkdean Resorts feature restaurants and cafes where dogs are welcome inside, and plenty more options with outdoor seating. So while you’re tucking into a sumptuous meal, your dog won’t be relegated to a sad corner. They’ll be right there, soaking up the atmosphere (and probably a couple of nibbles). 

Park Rules

Don’t worry; these rules don’t dampen the fun! Just remember to keep your dogs on a lead, except in designated dog-walking areas, pick up after them and always have them wear a collar and ID tag. Dog’s are also not allowed in the children’s play areas and facilities not marked as dog friendly.

What Parks Are The Most Dog Friendly?

Newquay Holiday Park, Cornwall

Newquay Holiday Park is a coastal gem where dogs are not just allowed but celebrated. Fistral Beach is just one of the many dog friendly beaches in close proximity. The park sets itself apart with top-notch facilities that include a Costa Coffee at the Tregenna Bar & Grill, and the Fistral Venue & Bar, which is open to families and their fur babies for snacks, drinks, and live entertainment.

Looe Bay, Cornwall

Looe Bay in Cornwall is a haven for couples travelling with their dogs. The park offers snug 1-bedroom caravans that are more than accommodating for the entire pack. Beyond the cosy accommodation, dogs are welcomed in the reception area, the amusement arcade, and designated parts of the bar and restaurant.

Trecco Bay, Porthcawl

Trecco Bay is a dog lover’s dream come true. The park features a pavilion area where dogs are welcomed both inside and outside, offering a range of dining options such as Burger King, Boathouse Bar and Restaurant, and Aloha Bar. Entertainment is abundant during both daytime and evening, complemented by a plethora of dog friendly beaches and outdoor activities like mini golf.

Cayton Bay, Scarborough

Cayton Bay in Scarborough is where the fun never stops. Known for its dynamic activities and entertainment, the park designates a special corner in the restaurant just for dogs. The park is also located near several picturesque Yorkshire beaches and offers a myriad of nature trails, making it an ideal spot for dogs that enjoy a bit of outdoor adventure.

White Cross Bay, Lake District

Situated between the captivating landscapes of Lake Windermere and the Lake District National Park, White Cross Bay Holiday Park is nothing short of a doggy paradise. Dogs are permitted in most areas throughout the complex, including the restaurant. The surrounding trails and lake views provide an ideal backdrop for leisurely walks, rounding out a perfect holiday experience for dogs and their owners alike.

Accommodation Options?

If you’re searching for a getaway with your pup, Parkdean Resorts offer accommodation choices that are both snug and stylish. While caravans stand as an affordable, dog friendly option, it’s the lodges that steal the spotlight. These havens of comfort offer the ideal mix of elegance and homey vibes, making them a paw-sitively fabulous choice for dog owners.

What could make this lodging experience ascend from delightful to divine? The hot tub, that bubbly slice of heaven, awaits guests at 40 Parkdean Resorts locations. Picture this: one unwinds in warm, jetted bliss, flute of bubbly in hand, whilst the faithful hound lounges nearby, perhaps munching on a doggie biscuit. The sun dips below the horizon, and the only sounds are the gentle bubbling of the hot tub and the occasional, contented canine sigh. It’s not just accommodation; it’s a mood, an atmosphere, an utterly fantastic state of being.

As if tailored for the Instagram feed of every nature-loving pet parent, these lodges boast surroundings that would make even a squirrel stop and snap a photo. 

So Is Parkdean Resorts Dog Friendly?

So, there you have it! Parkdean Resorts doesn’t just tick the box for being dog friendly—they absolutely smash it. It’s a special place for the whole family where you can make memories to last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for? Pack those bags, pop your lead on, and head for a dog-tastic adventure with Parkdean Resorts!


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