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Dog Friendly Mini Moon Ideas UK

After the rush of a wedding there’s nothing better to draw out the romance and come back down to earth than a few nights somewhere special. Whilst a trip abroad is always nice, a staycation can be a far more restful in the interim, plus you can take the four legged member(s) of your family. 

Our friend @lilahthewhippet did just that, after researching ideas and planning her magical ‘furrytail’ break. In this article, they’ll be sharing some dog friendly mini moon ideas in the UK that made the shortlist.

Choosing a magical mini moon location 

Stuck with where to start? The likelihood is, you already have the answer. 

Here are a few helpful tips to get you thinking about which city or county to visit:

  • Make a list of places in the UK neither of you have been to before.
  • Perhaps one of you has a sentimental city that you haven’t had time to show the other before.
  • Maybe there’s somewhere you have been to together, you might have happy memories there and feel there’s more to explore.

Dog friendly city break

With access to restaurants, bars, theatres and cultural activities a city break will allow you to carry on the high of your wedding day. If you like a full agenda, or the option to flit from place to place without planning, start your first days as a married couple city-style.

Take your fur baby to a dog friendly hotel, and make the most of all the comforts that come with it all.

Take a look at our recommendations here.

Dog friendly country escape

Thinking of something with a slightly slower pace? The UK has some of the most stunning countryside imaginable, and one of the many great things about having a dog is that they encourage you to want to explore it.

There is something for everyone from country hotels, to renting your own cottage, or pub stays so you’re never too far from a pint. A countryside escape will help you recover from the wedding, come back down to earth and enjoy each others company. 

Take a look at our recommendations here.

Dog friendly cabin adventures

In need of total relaxation and time a trios? Step away from tech and in to nature. Cabin stays allow you to feel completely at one with your surroundings whilst maintaining all the comforts a mini moon should have.

Cook out on a campfire, explore on long walks, and wake up to stunning views all from the comfort of a nice big bed with four walls, a wood burner and a wide window that will frame the outdoors like a painting.

This completely new type of mini moon experience places you on the pathways of some beautiful walks so that you can spend time without any distractions, and focused on nothing other than your new family 

Take a look at our recommendations here.

Dog friendly spa experiences

Prepared for a post wedding pamper? Starting your journey as newlyweds with a slice of self care sounds sensible to us. 

The UK has a plethora of spa, and even golfing, hotels. Your stay can be jam-packed without you having to lift a finger. Swim, sauna, book a massage, stole through gardens or have a laugh trying to teach each other how to play a game of golf. 

Let the previous days of partying sink in and take the time to set your intentions for your approach to your new marriage. You are bound to step back into reality feeling relaxed and content in each others company. 

Take a look at our recommendations here. Or discover more recommendations from Dog Furiendly here.

Where did you go on your dog friendly mini moon?

Did you do any of the magical holiday above? Perhaps you’re sniffing around the comments for ideas. Let us know in the comments below. Either way, happy planning. 


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