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Is Trecco Bay The Most Dog Friendly Holiday Park In The UK?

Imagine the perfect family holiday—one where everyone is invited, even the four-legged members of the clan. You’re envisioning spacious lodgings, a kaleidoscope of activities to keep both two-legged and four-legged family members busy, and eateries that welcome you all, even the furry ones. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, as the founder of Dog Furiendly and a mum juggling the schedules of a young child and two vivacious pooches, I can tell you such a utopia exists.

I’m talking about a place that’s wonderfully dog friendly, Parkdean Resorts! This place is like finding the golden ticket in your Wonka bar; it’s that dash of magic every family—canine included—desperately searches for when planning their getaway.

From the moment we—me (Adele), my partner James, our animated 5-year-old Bobby, and of course, our ever-curious canines Charlie and Minnie—stepped wheels and paws onto this slice of dog-friendly paradise, we felt the universal sign of a phenomenal holiday: immediate relief mixed with bubbling excitement. We knew right then, in the first wag of a tail and the first gleam of Bobby’s wide eyes, that we were in for an adventure.

No, we’re not talking about a run-of-the-mill, “this place is decent” kind of adventure. We’re talking about the “brace yourselves, we’ve hit the motherlode of dog-friendly family staycations” type of adventure. Trust us, as seasoned family travellers, both with and without fur, Parkdean Resorts has set a brand new gold standard in dog friendly holiday parks. And let me tell you, we’ve got heaps to wag about.

The Welcome Wag

You know those moments where you just feel instantly welcomed? Where the atmosphere is so rich with positive vibes that even your dogs sense it, wagging their tails like there’s no tomorrow? Well, that’s exactly what happened as we rolled into Parkdean Resorts.

As we approached the check-in area on that bustling Friday evening—school bags hastily chucked into the boot, the thrill of the weekend already pumping through our veins—we were pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly smooth the whole process was. Trust me, when you’ve navigated the post-school rush hour and you’ve got two dogs itching to stretch their legs and a 5-year-old asking “are we there yet?” every two minutes, simplicity is everything.

This place didn’t just welcome us; they welcomed our whole entourage, canines and all, making us feel like we’d just come home—except this home came with an incredible Pavillion area, more food options than you could shake a stick at, and entertainment that could have you boogieing from sunrise to sunset.

Cosy Accommodation

Our caravan was more than just a roof over our heads; it was a snug little sanctuary for the weekend. Seriously, this caravan had it all: a well-stocked kitchen perfect for whipping up a cuppa or a full-on family feast, and oh-so-snuggly beds where we could recharge after a day jam-packed with adventures. As for Charlie and Minnie? They were livin’ the dream on their Ralph & Co beds—the same ones we tote along wherever we roam. It was as if we had taken a slice of home and planted it in the heart of this dog friendly holiday park.

As we strolled around the site, we couldn’t help but notice the plush dog-friendly lodges sprinkled around the site, complete with—you guessed it—hot tubs! Now, I’ve got to admit, as soon as we spotted those lodges, our imaginations went into overdrive. We’re talking outdoor bubbles under the stars with the pups snoozing at our side. It’s a dog parent’s dream, really.

Our caravan might’ve been hot tub-less, but what it didn’t have in sudsy extravagance, it made up for in homely comfort that left us feeling just as pampered.

Paws In The Pavilion

Stepping into the Pavilion was like stumbling upon a dog-friendly oasis! Forget simply being ‘allowed’—Charlie and Minnie were greeted like VIPs (Very Important Pooches, of course!). It wasn’t just about tolerating our furry mates but embracing them, right from the get-go. We had a couple of Parkdean staff come over to fuss our pooches, and let’s be honest, nothing says ‘you belong’ more than that!

Now, let’s chew over the gastronomical journey that is the Pavilion. The Boathouse Bar & Restaurant was a culinary home run, dishing out meals that made both tails and tongues wag. The food? Phenomenal. The service? Faster than Minnie chasing a squirrel. As we munched away, we could kick back on the terrace and watch Bobby have a whale of a time in the play area.

As for the Aloha Surf Bar, here’s a tip: you can order to your table whether you’re lounging inside with the tropical vibes or soaking up the outdoor seating area. Ah, and don’t even get me started on the delectable smorgasbord of food options! From Burger King’s guilty pleasures to Thunderbird Fried Chicken’s crispy delights, there’s something for every palate, even the canine ones.

Inside the Pavilion, an ever-changing line-up of live performances, to keep both the little humans and big humans entertained. The noise got a tad too much for our fur-kids’ sensitive ears, so we just moseyed on over to the quieter outdoor space. But that didn’t stop us from missing out on any Pavilion perks. You can still order all your favourite sips right to your table. In summary, the Pavilion is more than just a food court—it’s the beating heart of Parkdean Resorts, a veritable haven where everyone, four-legged or otherwise, feels utterly at home.

Keeping The Kids Busy

The first thing that stands out at Parkdean Resorts is just how spoilt for choice you are when it comes to keeping the kids entertained.

Let’s start with the Pirate Crazy Golf. The name alone was enough to get Bobby all fired up, but the best part? The entire course was dog-friendly. So there we were, putters in hand, watching Bobby chip his balls in the pond, dogs sniffing around, and everyone absolutely loving it. Fun fur us all.

But the fun didn’t stop at golf. Right on its doorstep were other adventurous treats. There was a climbing wall where Bobby could live out his Spider-Man fantasies, zorbing balls for that exhilarating roll, and trampolines for some gravity-defying fun. The best bit? All of these activities were situated close enough for us to keep an eye on Bobby while our dogs, Charlie and Minnie, lounged by our sides. Yep, that’s right—our family could actually stay together while letting Bobby explore to his heart’s content.

Hot weather? No worries! The resort has a splash park outdoors and an adventure playground that had Bobby beaming. Imagine jets of water, twisty slides, and endless giggles while we could comfortably sit on the Boathouse terrace, sipping our drinks and keeping an eagle eye on our little adventurer. From the Parkdean characters like Naarky, Sparky, Sid, Lizzie, and Sparkle stirring up excitement, to Milkshake! Mornings packed with dancing, singing, and crafts—there was no shortage of fun things designed specifically for the kiddos. What melted my heart was seeing Bobby so happy. This little guy was practically the president of the Naarky fan club, complete with a hat, water bottle, teddy, and a flashy lanyard.

With all these activities and entertainment, Parkdean Resorts was nothing short of a bustling wonderland for Bobby and, let’s be honest, for us too!

Beach Bliss at Your Paw-tips

One of the many beachy perks of our Parkdean Resorts escapade was the sandy goodness that practically hugged us no matter where we roamed on-site. It felt like having a sandy playground right at our doorstep—a playground for both us and our furry pals.

Our beachy haven, Trecco Bay Beach, sat snugly between the expansive Newton Beach to the east and the inviting Sandy Bay to the west. It’s the kind of place where you can toss your worries to the waves and let your pup run free from October to April. Now, during the summer months, there are a few doggy restrictions, but fret not, fellow adventurers!

We took a leisurely stroll to Newton Bay Beach, fondly dubbed Black Rock Beach, just a skip and a jump from Newton village. Here, tranquillity and sandy paws are on the year-round menu. But if you’re up for a slightly longer walkies, you’ll uncover Ogmore Beach, where water sports and fossil hunts reign supreme, all set against the backdrop of dramatic cliffs perfect for scenic strolls. And if history tickles your fancy, don’t miss the 12th-century ruins of Ogmore Castle nearby.

So, Was It A Good Holiday?

If I could sum up our stay at the dog friendly Parkdean Resorts in one word? Incredible. A weekend wasn’t nearly enough to soak in all the paw-sibilities. From the dog-friendly amenities to the endless adventures for Bobby, this wasn’t just a holiday—it was an experience that left all our tails wagging.

So there you have it. A standing ovation for Parkdean Resorts. We can’t bark our praises loud enough and we’re already planning our return.


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