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Meet The Charity Giving Disabled Dogs A Second Chance

Dogs bring an abundance of joy and happiness to us all, and so we all try to give them the best start to life. Unfortunately, there are a number of dogs who don’t have a good start while others have a bump in the road. Whether they’ve fallen ill, been in a road accident, or harmed at the hands of a scary human. When the chips are down, some are rescued, others are re-homed by owners who are overwhelmed at the thought of looking after a dog with disabilities.

We’re teaming up with Burns Pet Nutrition to provide dog owners with a couch to 5K plan that your dog can take part in. Over the course of 8-12 weeks pooches and their owners will rev up their fitness and activity level.

As well as being both a great way to bond with your dog and get in better shape, we’re encouraging those taking part to raise funds for charity in the process. In particular, Broken Biscuits.

Broken Biscuits is a charity helping dogs by providing custom-made wheelchairs, funding for rehabilitation, and supporting with re-homing. Cassandra Carney started the charity as a random act of kindness, but today it’s a charity supporting dogs up and down the country.

Broken Biscuits

Broken Biscuits is a disabled animal advocacy organisation. It seeks to remove the barriers facing physically challenged animals that prevents them from living active and healthy lives.

They provide nursing care for stray and sheltered animals as well as providing vetinary approved wheelchairs, prosthetics and other essential equipment for disabled animals.

Often, when an animal has a disablement their lives are put into question not because of the injury but because of the circumstances that surround them. Broken Biscuits offers support to these animals and their carers, guiding them with post injury care.

There are 65,000 stray dogs around the UK as estimated by Dogs Trust. Worldwide the numbers reach millions. While on holiday in Europe in 2012 Broken Biscuits founder Cassie and her husband Tim Giles resolved to do something about this issue.

Initially they began by supporting neutering and spaying organisations. Cassie and her friends and family baked cakes, knitted clothes and held stalls at fairs. Back then, Broken Biscuits was known as the Broken Biscuits Craft Club.

However, this quickly evolved into buying and sending wheelchairs from dog mobility companies to disabled dogs in rescue centres. As Cassie shared photos of the dogs being helped on social media, the pooches spread across the internet. Suddenly, people from all over the UK were getting in touch to offer their help.

From this, Broken Biscuits was born. Now they are one of the leading disabled animal advocacy organisations in the UK. The charity is devoted to giving dogs that have been left behind the freedom to live a life without limits!

Rescue, Rehabilitate & Rehome

The organisation makes many vital contributions to the community. Their “Roll Model” campaign is a demonstration of the potential of life for animals post injury. Broken Biscuits challenges some of the misconceptions and fears that lead many pet parents to put their disabled dogs down.

Cassie and Tim do this by taking their own three dogs Otto, Coco and Jasper to visit schools, Universities and clubs. This opens dialogue about disabled animals in public spaces.

Cassandra and Tim consider the three main pillars of the charity to be rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing. They support dogs in rescue centres, provide mobility equipment and find dogs their forever home.

The change in some of these dogs is remarkable. The mobility frames don’t just give them improved movement and comfort, it provides freedom. They can choose which direction to walk in and where to go.

It isn’t just the dogs who benefit from the work of Broken Biscuits. Owning a pet has tremendous effects on well-being and happiness. Being aware of this, the organisation takes a personal approach to re-homing the dogs in their care.

All dogs stay in the charities care for at least a year before becoming available for adoption. Over this time, Cassie and Tim get to know the pooch and their personality. This makes it easier to find them the perfect match. Once the perfect owner has been found Tim personally drives the dog to their new family.

The relationship doesn’t end there however. Adopting families are encouraged to stay in touch and many become lifelong friends. This evidences the kindness that the organisation was founded upon, Broken Biscuits is not just a charity, it’s a community.

Make A Difference!

Make your get fit experience more meaningful and raise money for a great cause in the process.

Bond with your dog, get in shape and raise money for a great cause with Tail Wag to 5K!

Visit to find out more about the charity.

For more charitable causes close to our heart have a look at our suppawt section.


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