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6 New Years Resolutions For You and Your Dog

New years resolutions. Another 365 days of opportunities for you and your pooch to bond, develop healthier habits and live a full life, filled with memories. This year, why not bring an extra tail wag into the year, by making new years resolutions for you and your dog.

Here are six easy ways to make your dogs new year special.

1. Be Present

We all need to take a leaf out of our dog’s book and live in the present moment. Dog’s gain so much happiness from enjoying the simple moments in life. They don’t regret the past or worry about the future, they live and pay attention to the here and now. They squeeze love and adventure into every minute of their short little lives.

Humans on the other hand, even when we’re at home, we’re still not really there. Our brains are preoccupied with work, food or let’s be honest, our phones. We’re all guilty of it! How many of you have had your dog ask for attention? A little woof, a paw on the knee, a huge zoom? 9 times out of 10 they’re asking for a bit of interaction. I mean, how bored would you be if nobody could speak your language?

Switch off your phone, grab a couple of toys from the box and play with them, pick up a couple of treats and train some new tricks or switch off, leave the phone at home and take an adventure.

Set aside special one-on-one time for your pooch every day to pay attention solely them – they will love you even more for it!

2. Take More Adventurous Walkies

A walk around the block or to your local park is both convenient and tail-wagging for your dog. As excited as you pooch gets for a daily walk, they’re always craving new adventures, scents and sounds.

Mix up your daily walks with new routes or unfamiliar trails. Throw caution to the wind and encourage sniffing enrichment, by letting them lead the walk with their nose.

During the weekends go on bigger adventures to new cities, towns, gardens and parks. The UK has a wide variety of dog walking spots, from beautiful beachfront trails, impressive lakes, historic castles, woodland wanders and mountain peaks. Research ‘things to do‘ using the search tool on our homepage and venture somewhere new.

3. Visit More Dog Friendly Places

Our favourite new years resolutions for you and your dog!

You are your dog’s whole world and they love spending time with you. Our busy lifestyle can sometimes compromise the attention we spend on the dog, so don’t leave that fuzzbutt behind, include them in as many plans as possible.

When we’re feeling stressed at home, they feel it too. When we’re relaxed and enjoying ourselves, they too will feel that happiness. A little leisure here and there, visiting dog friendly places or going on holiday will help you to destress, just as it would for your pooch.

Forget the cooking and visit a dog friendly pub, cafe or restaurant. Hop on the happy hour and unwind with some friends at a dog friendly cocktail bar. Take it easy with some dog friendly afternoon tea or coffee shops. Travel across the UK to cosy up in a dog friendly cottage – the op-paw-tunities are endless.

Use the search bar on the homepage to start planning your adventures today.

4. Try A New Activity with your Dog

It’s easier than ever to make memories while incorporating a new activity into your resolutions. With so many dog friendly places to visit and activities to do with your pooch across the UK, you’re spoilt for choice. Try Doga (dog yoga) or paddleboarding, or visit one of the UK’s many dog friendly castles, train rides or boat trips!

In fact, why not write a list to do one new thing to do with the dog every month. Here are a few ideas from our very own bucket list.

  • January: Try a new dog sport or exercise, Doga, Agility, Fly ball etc.
  • February: Attend a Dog Furiendly event
  • March: Paddleboarding (SUP Liverpool)
  • April: Visit a castle (Like Caerphilly Castle)
  • May: Go on a boat ride (We love GoBoats)
  • June: Camping/Glamping
  • July: Go to a dog festival
  • August: Visit a dog friendly Zoo (Cotswold Wildlife Park)
  • September: Go on a train ride (Like Talyllyn Railway)
  • October: Visit a pumpkin patch
  • November: Volunteer Together (become a therapy dog)
  • December: Visit Santa Paws!

It’s a great way to bond, get out of the house and reap the benefits of physical activity. Of course we’ll be sprinkling plenty of our favourite dog friendly ideas throughout the year for you to tap into.

5. Teach Your Pooch New Tricks

Your dog may have mastered all the basic skills, but there are endless tricks you and your pooch can continue learning together. Teaching your pooch new tricks helps to keep training skills polished and provides plenty of fun and mental exercise. Learn one new trick a month, and by the end of the year, you will have quite an act to show off to friends and family.

6. Give back to the Canine Community

Make sure to give back to our furry friends who don’t have a life as pampered as your own furball. There are various ways you can give back to the canine community. Donating a few pounds to a dog charity, volunteering to walk rescue dogs, or perhaps adopting or fostering rescue dogs locally or from further afield.

You can even give back to our very own Canine community by helping other dog owners to find dog friendly places. We’re always looking for motivated and inspiring dog owners to help add, review and share Furiendly finds in their local area.

What new years resolutions for you and your dog are you making this year? Share them below.


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