Glamping Packing List For Dogs

Picture this, the sun is shining down on a gorgeous tent, inside filled with luxuries, outside filled with plenty of walking routes. A place where happy humans and their canine companions can switch off and soak up a relaxing, rural atmosphere. We’re talking about a lovely glamping holiday.

There’s no denying we already have plenty of accessories, treats and toys – but how do you decide what to take? Do you need 100 bow ties, a big box of toys, or three snuggly beds? We’ve put together a handy camping or glamping packing list for dogs ready for your next holiday!

1. Collar, Harness and Lead

The first essential in our glamping packing list for dogs is the collar, harness and lead. There’s nothing our canine companions love more than running the fields and jumping through the tall grass off-lead. There will no doubt be plenty of meadows or walking routes nearby where your pooch can frolic free off-lead. However, when it comes to the campsite or glamping site, just be mindful of other humans, pooches and animals.

Even if you have a very well behaved pupper, being in a rural area could throw up an unexpected sheep and before you know it, your dog just has a random urge to say hello.

It’s also worth considering that if it’s a dog friendly glamping site, there may be other dogs around who are nervous, anxious, or over-excited. We need to respect that, and ensure that everyone else can enjoy their holidays too.

Optional Extra (Dog Screw)

A dog screw is a really useful tool to use with a long lead. Screw it into the ground in a suitable place (usually outside your accommodation), attach your pup and relax fully knowing that your dog can’t wander off into the woods. At least that way if anything happens you can continue to have control of your pooch.


2. Bedding and blankets

A key essential! It’s always good to bring your dog’s bed so that they have their own space and home-comforts. When the sun goes down, there may be a bit of a chill in the air – so be prepare with blankets upon blankets to keep your pupper nice and snug.

The majority of glamping sites have a no dog’s on bed policy, which can be quite tricky, especially when your dog is used to sleeping on your bed at home. Our top tip would be to take your own bedding, including the bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases – just in case your pooch jumps up for a cold midnight snuggle.

It’s also worth noting that not all glamping sites come with bed linen, so you may have to take your own regardless.

3. Towels

Some dogs are mucky pups who love nothing more than to roll around in mud or to jump in a big lake. Others prefer to walk around the mud and skip over the puddles. Towels can be really useful for both pooches. Whether you’re keeping the muck at bay or drying your pooch off from the water or the rain. Also, dog or baby wipes always come in handy for so many things.

4. Water and Food

This seems a little obvious, but our furry friends have to stay hydrated and fed. Especially when there’s a spot of freaky British sunshine! A travel dog bowl and portable water bottle is definitely an essential in our packing list. The Zizzi from Amazon is our favourite, where you can pop out the bowls and even flip some legs.

Collapsable bowls and portable water bottle are an important item in our glamping packing list for dogs.
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5. Poo Bags

Sorry humans, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it (usually Dad in our case). Picking up your dog’s poo is essential no matter how smelly it is! When staying in a place of beauty, it’s even more important to keep the site and surroundings clean for the next dogs and humans who visit. We care about looking after our environment, so we always pack in some biodegradable bags, like these ones from Beco.

Poo bags are essential in this glamping packing list for dogs.

6. Toys

Dogs just love to play! Having their favourite toys or something familiar to help create a comforting environment for them. How about creating some DIY enrichment games to keep the brain busy during down time.

7. Collar and Tags

By law, your dog must be microchipped and wear an ID tag. So make sure you’re all up-to-date with the correct contact details before you leave the house.

8. LED Lights or Reflective Gear

An LED collar, collar light, or reflective wear is particularly useful on-site during the evenings. You’ll want to make sure your dog is visible, not just for your own peace of mind, but to let others know that there’s a little furry pooch running along the ground. Check out some of our favourite LED dog collars.

An essential in the glamping packing list for dogs, LED collar, lights or reflective gear.

9. Bow Ties / Bandanas

We know, if there’s one thing you’ll want more than anything, it’s to capture the memories. Have your dog looking their dapper best with a snazzy bow-tie or bandana. Bandana’s can also come in handy to help cool down your pooch on a hot day. Just dip it in some cool water and pop it around their neck.

What’s In Your Glamping Packing List For Dogs?

Of course there’s lots more things you could take, but one suitcase is more than enough for your pampered pooch. Let us know what’s in your glamping packing list for dogs in the comments below.


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