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Dog Friendly Afternoon Tea at Widbrook Grange

Hi everypawdy its Mitzi and Heidi here! We are mother and daughter living in the countryside just outside of Bath and we love spending our weekends going on adventures with our pawrents exploring everything and anything Dog Furiendly.

It was a rainy Sunday, so what better thing to do than go with our pawrents for Doggy Afternoon Tea at the beautiful Widbrook Grange, Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire. Check out our story below.

Easy like Sunday Morning

We could hear our pawrents walking down the stairs so we jumped out of our beds waiting in anticipation to greet them with morning kisses and waggy tails as soon as the kitchen door opened. The door opened and we did our usual wiggle butt routine and kissed them all over like we haven’t seen them in months. We were sooo excited as its one of our favourite days of the week SUNDAY FUNDAY!

We gobbled down our breakfast but noticed we didn’t have as much as usual mmmmm why is this? It could only mean one thing…we must have a lunch date and with that our pawrents told us we were going for doggy afternoon tea at Widbrook Grange in Bradford on Avon. This was Pawsome news!

What felt like forever, the hoomans finally got ready and we all piled into the car, its road trip time! It only a 20 minutes journey so on our way we popped into our grandpawrents house to say hi and to rub it in that we were going for doggy afternoon tea! We said our goodbyes and we were on our way, next stop Widbrook Grange!

Sunday was made for eating cake!

As we pulled up into the gravelled car park we looked out the car to be greeted by the beautiful 18th century Georgian country house hotel known as Widbrook Grange. This unique 19 bedroom farmhouse retreat is the perfect escape for you and your dogs to explore the glorious Wiltshire countryside.

Come on hoomans what are you waiting for? lets go and explore inside and eat cake!

As we opened the front door we walked through into the quirky reception area where instantly all the staff made a huge fuss of us and gave us lots of cuddles, they won us over straight away! We were then shown to our table for afternoon tea. We were in a lovely conservatory area looking out onto the gardens and a lovely family of doves. There were other dogs with their hoomans coming to an end of their afternoon tea so we gave then all a sniff hello and waited for our food.

A three tier doggy delight:

Out came our doggy afternoon tea and we were not disappointed just look at what we got.

  • The bottom bowl was filled with Lily’s Kitchen wet food,
  • The middle bowl was filled with organic doggy biscuits and a tennis ball (yas I said tennis ball!)
  • The top bowl was filled with a puppachino,
  • We even had a bottle of Pawsecco to wash it all down with.

We did have a very posh refillable water bowl provided too, gosh we felt spoilt!

Our hoomans didn’t do too bad either they got a selection of delicious smelling sandwiches, a scone with jam and cream and several individual cakes with strawberries. They could also have the choice of tea, coffee or prosecco. Basically we were all winning and felt so happy whilst eating up all our food. One word to sum it up.. DOGGYLICIOUS!

We all then retired afterwards to the famous gin bar and relaxed whilst our food went down.

Sunday snoozing

What else do we all like to do on a Sunday? Yes you guessed it, have a lovely long snooze, oh and what a treat was waiting for us!

We made the short walk from the main house to the stable block where we opened the door to find a gorgeous room ready for us complete with a cosy dog bed, water bowl, food bowl, treats, pawsecco and a good box. We couldn’t wait much longer and had to jump straight in and instantly we felt at home. The hoomans had the biggest bed we have ever seen so naturally we had to jump on and check that it was good enough for them. We confirm that it was super comfy and we knew our hoomans would love it.

In summary what a Super Sunday Funday we had at Widbrook Grange, we left with our tails wagging, bellies bursting and a massive smile on all our faces. We definitely give our Doggy Afternoon Tea experience our paws of approval and we will be back soon. Thank you.

Had Afternoon Tea With Your Pooch?

Ever been for doggy afternoon tea? Let us know your experiences below! Follow the sausage adventures via Instagram @thesomersetsausage


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