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Secrets To Entertain a Bored Dog While at Work

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Feeling guilty about your bored dog while at work? Sure your job is boring, but you might not be as bored as your poor dog. Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. Plus, one of the saddest things known in the universe is that look your dog gives you when you are about to leave. 

Here is a mini-guide with some information that we use to keep Whisky occupied when we are busy working hard to buy him more treats, toys and fancy outfits. 

Whisky approves of this post  – just because we had to test a lot of things on him in the past few months and this is our results.

Let Your Dog Chew

Chewing is a normal part of a dog’s activities. Without something to chew on, the dog may choose whatever it finds at home, beginning with your shoes or your furniture. Furthermore, chewing toys are important as well in the maintenance of the good dental hygiene of the dog, as well as to keep your dog busy. 

In our household, we have found that we love using WHIMZEES. No artificial colours or flavours, GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free – the list goes on, so how can you not try these out?  Whisky especially loves the alligator and hedgehog. We have found that when ordering on amazon you can save money by buying a value pack.  

Keep Your Dog As Calm As Possible

Your dog may become anxious when you leave it alone every single day for 8 hours, and this may lead the dog to chew or even destroy everything it can at home. This is the reason why you need to try some ways to keep the dog as calm as possible during its alone time.

One good idea is applying essential oils, which possess a calming effect, just like peppermint or lavender, on the bed of the dog. This simple trick can help keep your dog relaxed. 

Recently we have started using a calming dog drop fragrance in a collar tag from Glam Wag Pets. We have found it to be super successful, one drop and the fragrance helps relax pets – especially when left alone.  (Tested and checked with our Dog camera) All Glamwags stock is vegan, pet and human friendly and we have met them in person. Great fragrances and never to over powering. Go check her out.

Bring Your Dog To A Doggy Daycare

Facilities like this are becoming more and more common so that the owners may leave their dogs somewhere they’ll be taken good care of.

We have found a daycare like Action Petz to be super successful. If you are unsure about leaving your dog they always have tester days for certain breeds where you can go see how and what it is all about.  They have outdoor, indoor, training facilities, a café, doggy daycare and organised dog events. 

Look For Play Dates

Occasionally, some social interactions with some other dogs may be great for your pooch. You may set up some play dates with some dog owners, which your dog knows. Whisky loves a doggy play date and since being associated with Dog  Furiendly and the Fit for Fun dog walks, we have been able to make some amazing doggy friends. We occasionally meet up for shopping, coffee and of course a pupachino. Whisky was a super shy pup at first and has grown his confidence hugely since being involved with Dog Furiendly. 

I find the day after a play date-  Whisky is super super tired and sleeps 80% of the day.

 Here are some snaps of Whisky when at a playdate. 

Walk before work 

A Walk Prior To Leaving: Before you go out take your dog on a walk to tire them out. A tired out dog is far less likely to be destructive. Consider hiring a professional dog walker if your dog is to be left on their own for a long period of time.

Let Your Dog Look Outside

Keep the curtains open and let them people or dog watch.  Dogs may also love having their own spot where they can look into the outside world and get to watch whatever is going on. I know we have a favourite spot when Whisky visits his Nanas, He loves watching on the sofa and out the window to see who is around and watch when the hoomans are about to pick him up after a long day at work. 

Switch On The Television or radio

Sound: Leave the radio or the television on so that your dog doesn’t feel so alone. You can also buy calming music CD’s that have been especially made to play for dogs while you are gone. We have a Alexa at our house so we can change the station and play doggy soothing playlists when out of the house by just using the App.

Choose Some Toys For Your Dog

Dogs need some stimulation, and toys are a great way to keeping them stimulated and entertained.

Kongs:  The KONG Toy is the original stimulating rubber toy for dogs available in a range of sizes. All pets should be supervised when playing.  Check the Kong guide to find the right Kong for your dog. 

Kong  – teething sticks – The KONG Puppy Teething Stick has been specially designed for a puppy’s mouth, with a softer and more pliable version of KONG’s ultra-durable non-toxic natural rubber, preventing damage to the puppy’s teeth while soothing sore gums and also helping to clean the teeth with the in-built Denta-Ridges.

Interactive Food Maze Feeder – Interactive food trays allow simulation for the dog and makes them want to beat the maze for the food.  This slows down dogs from guzzling their food all at once. 

Enrichment Games – One of our Explorers has pulled together a list of homemade DIY games you can make too! These enrichment games are really good for keeping the dogs mind busy. They can be found here.

Dog Puzzles and Interactive Toys-  Trixie, make wonderful dog puzzles that are designed to combat boredom. Most of them involve your dog carrying out some basic problem-solving skills in order to access their reward, such as a food treat. As you are hiding all the treats teach your dog to ‘wait’ and then tell them to ‘go find it!’ Make sure you give them lots of praise when they are getting it right so that it is a positive social interaction. 

Even shops like home bargains and Pound-Stretchers have started to make their own branded interactive toys.  

Interactive games should only be played with under your supervision as some of them contain small pieces. 

Looking for ideas on things to do when you get home? Gudog has a great blog with some tail-wagging fun.


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