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Why Everyone Needs a Dog in Their Life

Thinking about getting a dog? There are many reasons to. Dogs are great for our mental health. These include helping us through depression, anxiety, and life stress. Your furry friend can even help you get out of the house and meet new people.

Dogs cheer us up

Dogs are actually able to help us through sadness, depression, and grieving. Many people living with depression find it hard to get the motivation to start the day. But when you have someone else depending on you it helps you through the spells of grieving. Dogs also provide fantastic companions that want nothing more than to see us happy and thriving. Sometimes just having a friend, animal or otherwise, is all you need to find support through tough times.

Dogs help us out

Dogs are even more extraordinary than we can imagine. Service dogs receive rigorous training from the time they are puppies to adulthood. This training can prepare them to aid the blind, people with seizures, anxiety, autism, PTSD, and much more. Dogs help people who are having a seizure by sliding under their head and protecting them from concussions. Autism service dogs can provide their owners with profound connectedness. Every dog, special training, or not helps us through anxiety.

Dogs lower anxiety

Dogs have the unique power to lower our anxiety no matter the circumstance. They’re capable of triggering a cuddle hormone called “oxytocin”. This hormone releases when a person is comforted by someone. People also report lower blood pressure readings after spending time with their pets. Dogs are even great at sensing when we’re feeling stressed and help us calm down. A lot of businesses and hospitals allow people to bring their dogs with them. Studies show that pets improve productivity and decrease healing time.

Dogs help us lose weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, adopting a dog is a great option. Dogs do need a lot of maintenance, such as feeding, brushing, walking, and playing. A person who owns a dog is more likely to be active than a person who doesn’t. If you take your dog on three, twenty-minute walks then you get an hour of exercise per day. Many people lose weight after getting a dog. Puppies are especially wonderful for keeping us active. If you, like many of us, have a sedentary job, getting a dog can be a fun way of staying in shape.

Dogs are a great way to meet new people

There is a sense of community between dog owners. People with dogs have a much easier time meeting new people because dogs are social creatures and they help break the ice at meetups. Whether you’re taking your dog on a walk, going to a dog park, or taking a beach trip, people will be drawn to your dog like a magnet. And who can blame them? Dogs are adorable! Plus, you always have common ground with other dog owners. I even met my fiancé at a local dog park!

It’s easy to see why dogs earned the title “man’s best friend.” They do so many great things for our health and wellbeing. I guess it’s time to find your best friend and give them a treat?


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