10 Indestructible Dog Beds For Your Chewy Canines

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We’ve all been there. You buy a cushy place for your pooch to sleep, and before you know it, the stuffing is all over the shop.

Some pooches just can’t seem to resist the urge to chew their bed. If that’s the case, then it’s time to up your dog bed game with an indestructible dog bed. We’ve rounded up super-durable (but still cosy) options for the chewers, the chompers, and shredders of the dog world.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re making the best decision. So we’ve also included a guide filled with some things to think about.

Is there an indestructible dog bed?

Let’s be honest, it would be difficult to find something completely indestructible, especially when it comes to the nature of our chewy canines. So ‘indestructible’ to us means as chew-proof as you can possibly get, ultra-durable where possible, and/or waterproof (that last one is easiest to guarantee). This means your dog’s bed will last longer and hopefully resist those big gnashers.

Although these beds are marketed as ‘chew proof’ they may not always stand the big chompers of your pup. However, we have dug into a lot of research to bring you the best for all types of dog!

Why do dogs chew their bed?

There are many reasons why dogs chew their beds. Young dogs will chew to relieve teeth pain and to keep their teeth clean. They’ll also chew as a way of exploring and playing.

If your dog is well into adulthood, they may be tearing up their bed because it helps relieves stress, anxiety or boredom. It can also be a compulsive behaviour issue or gastrointestinal issue at play. Click here to read more about dog mental health issues.

Since your dog can’t tell you their feelings they turn to their chewing instinct to relieve the feeling. But, why the bed specifically? It’s because it’s soft and squishy like a prey animal would be and it brings them the most comfort.

In some cases destroying their beds is a part of play for many puppies and dogs, and to put it simply, they might just enjoy it! The goal of an indestructible dog bed is to make it so difficult to chew that they will get bored of trying. Using the bed like it should be used – to sleep and relax!

What materials to look for in an indestructible dog bed?

Buying an indestructible dog bed can be a hefty investment, so to help you make the right decision, here are a few things to look out for.

Some beds are designed with metals and plastics. These survive a lot longer than fabric, but can sometimes lack in comfort. Elevated framed beds are the most durable dog beds. They can help to steer the dog away from chewing while providing them with the comfort they need.

Dog beds that are made with durable, comfortable-looking fabrics can be hit and miss. You’ll want to avoid any beds with straps, buttons, pleats zippers, and piping as these are very inviting parts of the bed to chomp on. Instead, look for rounded pillow-type beds covered in a durable material such as Cordura Nylon, Ballistic Nylon, Vinyl Weave, Heavy-duty Vinyl.

Another feature you want to look out for is whether the dog bed is washable or not. Being able to pop it in the wash will save you money in the long run, especially when you have active pooches.

Bearing all of this in mind, we’ve pulled together and reviewed our top 10 indestructible dog beds for chewy canines. We’ve included a range of floor beds, elevated beds and beds snug enough for your dog’s crate.

Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

This is one of the toughest beds on the market. The Veehoo elevated bed comes with a strong, strapping frame and comfortably accommodates dogs up to 68kg. The material that sits on top is designed taking dogs’ body structures into account and is orthopaedic approved. You can even throw a blanket on top for an extra bit of comfort.

The elevation above the ground helps keep the bed warmer, drier, cosier, and also more comfortable. Oh and did we mention it’s easy to clean and wipe down.

Your dogs can try their best to destroy the bed’s upper surface, but they won’t have much luck. It is and stays one of the best chew resistant dog beds on the market these days.

As an added bonus. the material is also ‘smell-proof’, which means that it won’t retain the odours that your pets decided to ‘guilt’ your indoors into.

P & L Superior Pet Beds Heavy Duty

This bed is a good all-rounder for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It’s made from a hard-wearing polyester, waterproof material. It’s easy to clean by brushing off loose dirt, wiping with a wet cloth and then rising under a running tap/hose or even a low setting on a pressure washer.

It has a thick cushion at the base and the walls of the bed are high and filled with thermal polyester fibre to insulate your pooch in the colder months.

This heavy-duty material comes in a large range of colours, and it’s UK manufactured!

As with most material based ‘indestructible’ dog beds, it’s not entirely chew-proof and has seen a few holes chewed amongst reviewers. That being said, it’s sturdier than most on material beds on the market.

Tartan – Waterproof Donut Bed.

Having a waterproof bed makes life much easier. This bed will keep your pooch warm and cosy. It’s made from tough material, 600 Denier waterproof. It also comes with padding fabric and a PR coating on the inside to provide all-over comfort.

It’s hard-wearing and comes in four sizes and two designs, including tartan and paw print patterns.

As with most material based ‘indestructible’ dog beds, it’s not entirely chew-proof and has seen a few holes chewed amongst reviewers. That being said, it’s sturdier than most on material beds on the market.

BEDSURE Elevated Dog Bed

Bedsure provides a diverse range of dog products, so it’s no wonder they hopped into the durable bed market. This dog bed comes with all the features found in other elevated dog bed designs.

Slightly more affordable than most. It’s easy to clean (and set up for those who are worried about having an IKEA puzzle to complete). The fabric on top is made of cool mesh, it’s durable and breathable. Pop a blanket on top for comfort.

Heavy Duty Waterproof Dog Bed-Mat

This heavy, waterproof dog bed mat is ideal all purposes. Indoors, outdoors, in the back of the car or in the crate. It’s great for active mucky pups or those who like a good chew.

This dog mat is versatile, practical and filled with a foam inner for warmth and comfort which usually lasts longer than a fibre inner. It has a very strong heavy duty waterproof outer cover which has a zip so it can be easily removed.

Doggyzzz Durable Waterproof Pet Bed

This big, puffy, durable dog cushion is bot waterproof and chew-proof. It comes with the added bonus of being bed bug and flea larvae resistant too thanks to the sleep outer cover.

It’s jam-packed with supersoft polyester fibre giving it extra comfort. The large cushion is only available in one size, so great option for medium to large dogs. Though, we’re sure smaller dogs will feel like they have a Super King bed all to themselves.

Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed

This elevated dog bed is yet another great option for indestructible dog beds. This one brings great health benefits for your dog with a firm wooden base providing much needed support for dogs with back and joint problems.

In addition, it’s easy to clean and quick-drying, which is great for eliminating the build-up of bacteria, reducing odour and keeping your dog’s bed fresh.

Its innovative elevated design allows the air to circulate which keeps your dog cool in summer and warm and snug during the winter, away from the cold floor, draughts and condensation.

Find on Not In The Dog House

Armadillo Indestructible Plastic Dog Bed

A plastic dog bed is always a good option for added chew resistance. This is for the pooches who have torn through the most indestructible things. Although they may chew at the sides, they can’t destroy the bed.

This is also a good low-cost option to pop in your own soft cushions if chewing is an ongoing problem. Also very easy to clean.

FEANDREA Durable Bed

This Feandrea pet bed has withstood the regular chewing abuse from pets over the years, coming highly rated by dog owners. It’s made with a durable Oxford fabric which is stitched in a unique way to prevent dogs from chewing through. The filling is made of high quality elastic PP cotton o claims to be chew proof. It’s filled with 100% recyclable and environmentally mico-fibre forming a well-shaped bed for your pooch to cosy into. The cushion is soft and hypoallergenic.

As mentioned earlier on in the guide, even the most material based ‘indestructible’ dog beds can be prone to chewing. That being said, it’s sturdier than most on material beds on the market.

AllPetSolutions Dexter Bed

These beds have never ever disappointed our pups. They come in a range of colours and sizes. Each one has been designed with extremely tough oxford fabric, forming durable dog beds without any compromise to your dog’s comfort.

These beds are also machine washable, with removable covers to help keep the entire bed fresh and clean. As with the other material based dog beds in this guide, it’s not entirely chew-proof but it’s durable, washable and sturdier than most!

Have You Found An Indestructible Dog Bed? Share Below!

We all know that finding the perfect indestructible dog bed takes a lot of trial and error. If you’ve found one that works, pop it in the comments below for other dog owners to look into.


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