15 Perfect Poodle Gifts For People Noodles For Poodles

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Behind the ribbons and impressive hairdos you’ll find an elegant, proud and clever pooch, the Poodle. It’s no surprise that these affectionate dogs have captured the hearts of people across the world including celebs. Elvis Presley used to keep Poodles as pets and gift them to girlfriends (jealous). Other famous Poodle owners include Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, and Walt Disney.

Whether you’re searching for Poodle gifts for a Poodle lover or for yourself (slowly raises hand). We’ve rounded up some of our favourite Poodle gifts that will make your heart squeal from small businesses and crafters on Etsy.

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Personalised Poodle Cushion

Shop: TheCreativeBagCo –

Many dogs across the UK love lounging in the Living Room with their humans. For many pampered pooches, they even have their very own place on the sofa. Or if they’re anything like our cheeky pair, move your feet, lose your seat.

Help your recipient to mark their Poodles very own spot by purchasing this lovely personalised pillow.

Poodle Wooden Brooch

Shop: LauraDanby –

Pin it on your bag, on your denim jacket or even on your t-shirt. This original illustrated wooden pin badge is the perfect Poodle gift to show your love loud and proud.

Poodle Personalised Print

Shop Etsy: @PrintsOnMyWall

We are slightly obsessed with this print from Prints On My Wall. Pick either a grey or white poodle, and dress it up in pretty accessories. This print will certaintly make a statement about the loveable Poodle in you or your recipients life!

Poodle Ring

Shop: YaBeezer –

One of our favourite Poodle gifts! These rings will certainly make you smile, wherever you go.

These handcrafted wrap rings will make a great addition to their Poodle addiction. They have been carefully designed by jewellery artists to ensure they’re stylish, and durable! Made from Tibetan silver finished in antique silver style.

Poodle Colouring Book

Shop: PaperlandOnlineStore –

Colouring books are a great way to unwind. Imagine colouring oodles of Poodles in floral and mandala style designs with heartwarming quotes. All with your very own Poodle by your side.

Rockabilly 1950s Poodle Frame

Shop: Fozziwigs –

When you think of Poodles, the 1950’s always springs to mind. The poodle frocks, the poodle designs, everyone was noodles for poodles. This 3D 1950s Kitsch Poodle design is perfect for any poodle lover.

Personalised Poodle Plush

Shop: EnglishHound –

How adorable is this little plushy? This sweet Poodle dog gift comes with a personalised collar, name tag and name. Then when you receive it you get a small adoption note in the box.

Perfect for those with a Poodle of their own, or for those who dream of having one.

Funny Poodle Gift Mug

Shop: TeHeGifts –

This mug had us rolling in laughter. The perfect mug for work that depicts how much we all prefer dogs to humans. Perfect gift for the Poodle lover in your life.

Poodle Palace St Sign

Shop: CarmenByJames –

This street sign made from hardwood is an amazing feature for the home, perfect if you have a special area for your sweet Poodle. Ideal for Dog lovers and retro decor lovers alike.

Abstract Poodle Necklace

This truly is a little treat all wrapped up in a delightful gift box. This beautiful necklace will complement and complete any outfit.

The Poodle is available on different length chains as a necklace, bracelet either silver plated or gold plated.

Handmade Ceramic Poodle Spoons

Shop: HannahTurnerShop –

Alright, these adorable spoons have caused quite a stir here – we’re slightly obsessed with them. They are the perfect addition for any Poodle loving household and kitchen.

A box of four fancy Poodles that double as fun spoons. They even have Salt and Pepper shakers in the same design.

Personalised Poodle Felt Dog Frame

If there’s one thing we know about Poodles is they’re super floofy. So it’s only fitting to get a floofy gift! We love this unique personalised felt portrait. So much love and detail goes into each portrait which is made individually from a photo of your beloved pooch. A perfect, and unique gift to brighten any Poodle lovers day!

Poodle Printed Scarf

Beautiful scarf filled with oodles of poodles. This will compliment any outfit and is currently available in four colours, pink, blue, green and grey. All scarves are hand printed and are finished with a fringed end.

Personalised Poodle Lead Holder

Shop: MiloandMimiShop –

Want to keep your Poodle’s collars, lead and coats organised? Perhaps you just want a place to pop those shiny rosettes. Check out these personalised Poodle lead holders. Each one comes completely personalised with the background colour, name and colour of your gorgeous Poodle.

Poodle Mama Jumper

Shop: CookieAndCreamShop –

Saved the best till last. If you or your gift recipient are as noodles about poodles as we are, then there’s no doubt they already consider them their true soulmate. The perfect jumper for the pawfect Poodle lover.

Share Your Poodle Dog Gift Ideas

Do you have any Poodle gifts ideas? Pop them in the comments below to help the dog owners reading this guide.

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