13 Dog T-Shirts And Jumpers For Dog-Loving Humans

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It goes without saying, but we LOVE our dogs. In fact, our canine companions are pretty much the light of our life. So what better way than to give your dog a shout out of love by wearing a dog-t-shirt or jumper.

There’s a huge range to choose from on the internet. Some good, some bad, and some… you could probably up-cyle into a lovely dog bed.

We’ve scoured Etsy and a couple of other local brands to share the t-shirts we love the most. The ones we’re happy to wear on a dog walk, or even on our dog friendly adventures.

Dogue T-Shirt

Strike a pose, and let your tail wag to the music! We love this t-shirt from We Are Paw Couture. It’s been designed to put a canine superstar on the cover of Vogue (where they should be). Each t-shirt is made from 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton and lovingly printed in the UK.

Sorry I Have Plans With My Dog!

Have you ever fobbed of your friends to spend the night in with your dog instead? If so, then this t-shirt is for you. But let’s just be real for a minute here. Plans are always more fun with the dog! So wear this t-shirt loud and proud.

Personalised Pet Face Jumper

We adore these custom dog jumpers from Sgribls! Each one is completely personalised and each pet face is hand drawn by Kate from Wales. The designed are created using a photo of your pooch, so be sure to get a good headshot. It’s then transferred to the jumper! The perfect little treat for yourself or gift for family and friends. T-shirts and other items are also available!

All Of My Friends Are Dogs

Dogs are better than people, and that’s the truth! But hey, who needs human friends anyway? We love this white cotton soft style t-shirt and the typography has a real retro feel to it. Would look great with a pair of jeans.

My Dog Has More Followers Than You

Ain’t this the truth? If your dog is more popular than you, then it’s only right you support them on the route to doggy stardom. This ‘My Dog Has More Followers Than You’ T-Shirt is perfect for tongue-in-cheek dog parents that don’t take themselves too seriously. What’s more, this t-shirt is eco-friendly, vegan and available in black and white. We LOVE it!

Buy Via Woof Inc

Dogs Are Better Than People

Never was there a truer word spoken. We could go on and on about the reasons why, but if you’re reading this, then you’re probably as dog obsessed as we are. While the words are the best part of the t-shirt from Syd And Co, it’s also worth noting that it’s environmentally friendly and made from 100% organic cotton meaning that no harmful chemicals were used to grow the cotton plant.

Easily Distracted By Dogs

Are you the type of person to stop in your tracks just to say hello to a tail-wagging floof? Perhaps you shout PUPPY from the other side of the street out of pure joy and excitement. Then this jumper is for you. Let’s face it, we don’t mind being five minutes late if it meant petting a dog for a couple of minutes. We love this cosy jumper from Woofs and Whiskers.

My Dog Thinks I’m Cool

Phhht, as long as your dog thinks you’re cool, then nothing else matters in the world. Let the world know just how cool you are with this quirky t-shirt. Pair this with a denim jacket, and you’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

Me + My Dog

Because we all know, nothing else matters! As long as you have your furry companion by your side, you can tackle anything the day throws at you! This crew neck jumper is perfect for any dog lover. It comes in an oversize fit, and the soft material makes it perfect for walking the pooch.

Buy Via Woof Inc

New Bork New Bork

Because this t-shirt from We Are Paw Couture just makes sense. It re-imagines the epic Statue of Liberty as a Statue of Wooferty, and we can’t express just how much we’re LOVING it! If you want to ‘be a part of it’ or take a bite out of the big woofin’ apple, then this is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Time To Embark

A little bit nerdy, but we LOVE this t-shirt from Techra Nova! There’s nothing we love more than em-barking on an epic quest with our canine companion. So meet this adventurous little fantasy Shiba Inu in adventure gear! He’s got a little sword and shield and he’s ready to go on the most epic of adventures!

Adventure Buddies (Matching Bandana)

Because no great adventure started without our canine companion now did it? This matching set from @BandanaBowtiqueUK is right up our street! If you and your pooch LOVE adventures, then this is the t-shirt for you! It even comes with a matching bandana so you can proudly explore together. Both come in black, but other colours are available!

Personalised Syd and Co Dog Jumper

We adore these personalised jumpers from Syd and Co. They have a huge range of illustrated dog breeds to choose from and if you can’t see your dog or you would like an edit, then they always invite you to get in touch. You can even personalise the jumper with their little furry name. The jumpers are a unisex fit, so when it comes to sizing, they are pretty roomy.

Which One Is Your Favourite Dog T-shirt?

Do you have any other dog t-shirts that you love to wear loud and proud? Any favourite small business sellers? Let us know in the comments below!


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