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8 Cheap Dog Beds That Are Super Snugly For Your Pooch

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Giving your pooch a comfortable snooze is important, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. There’s plenty of cheap dog beds out there that don’t compromise on comfort.

In fact, sometimes, when we splash out on a luxury dog bed, your dog may decide that the floor or rug is a much better alternative. Or your dog decides to have a chew on the bed and before you know it, it’s tattered and torn. When this happens, you’re quietly regretting spending so much money on a bed that doesn’t really get used (we’ve been there).

While cheap dog beds are great for those on a budget, more often or not you get what you pay for. They won’t have any fancy features, they may not offer the comfort or support they required and they may not last very long either. However, in the midst of these flimsy and uncomfortable beds, there are a few diamonds in the rough.

So, we’ve done some digging to find 8 good quality, cheap dog beds for your pooch to snuggle on down. After all, we still need the best for our fluff balls no matter the budget.

Deluxe Bunty Dog Bed

This loved dog bed from Bunty provides your pooch with plenty of comfort. It’s made with an ultra-soft fleece cushion inside which is sure to have your pooch snoozing in seconds. The bed is made from hard-wearing poly-canvas to insulate the lining and retain heat. This means that no matter how chilly it gets, your dog can enjoy a cosy cuddle time and time again.

While the bed claims to be 100% washable, you can only wash the bed as a whole (which may be difficult with an XXL sized bed). It does, however, come with tough stitching to provide durability. It comes in a wide range of sizes and colours. Our top tip? Get the size up so your pooch can stretch out.

Oh and for an extra discount – get 10% off your first order at Bunty with this code – FIRSTORDER.

Extra Large Pillow Bed

We love this plump, hypoallergenic, washable pillow. It’s perfect for sleepy paws and crafted from poly cotton fabrics. This bed can be used in multiple ways, you can pop it in a crate, or even use it as a travel bed. Got muddy pups? This bed is easy to wash! Just zip it off and pop it on a cold, gentle cycle and low-heat tumble dry. Unlike other cheap dog beds, this one continues to retains its softness wash after wash.

Another big benefit with this bed, is that if the cover becomes heavily stained or torn – you can buy a new cover! This makes the bed longer lasting than most.

Bunty Deep Dream Polka Dot

Another comfy bed from Bunty. This one has high walls providing an extra bit of security and comfort to your pooch. The inside of the bed is made from an ultra-soft white plush fur interior and has an extra layer of insulation to provide a warm, cosy sleep. Unlike the other Bunty bed, the inner cushion can easily be washed or you can wash the whole bed. Alternatively, pop a blanket on top for quick easy washes.

We love the colours of this bed, each one in a quirky polka dot. It’s not just the pattern that has us smiling though, these beds from Bunty are made with durable stitching for strength, as well as a rubber-gripped bottom for stability.

Oh and for an extra discount – get 10% off your first order at Bunty with this code – FIRSTORDER.

Hound Comfort Bed

Add a dash of old English country with this comfortable Hound bed. Not only does this dog bed look stylish on the outside, but it’s also layered with comfortable materials made from cotton and polyester to provide a dreamy sleep.

The bed has great reviews priding the product on its durability. No matter how long your dog rests on the wall of the bed, it still continues to hold its shape for a long time.

The bed itself claims to have a wipe-clean base, which comes under fire throughout the reviews. If you have a muddy pup, then this may not be the bed for you. It’s also machine washable, however, like many other cheap beds, you can only wash the bed as a whole.

Bedsure Memory Foam Mattress

Looking for an orthopaedic dog bed that doesn’t break the bank? Bedsure have you covered! While this is one of the more expensive dog beds on our list, it provides top-dog comfort – whether they have joint problems or not. It’s ideal for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs who might like to share.

The bed has a faux linen fabric which is removable for washing. It is very durable and doesn’t pick up stains, fur/hair, or absorb liquid easily. The material has been carefully chosen to make the bed long-lasting and even has a separate water-resistant liner (for the base) to protect the memory foam. Inside the bed is filled with a thick memory foam base – so comfy, even you would want to sleep on it.

It’s very rare to find a good quality dog bed under £30, so this is great value for money!

AcornPets Dog Bed

One for the bigger dogs, or smaller dogs that love plenty of space. It might be simple, but it provides plenty of super soft comfort for your pooch.

The outer cover is both removable and washable, made of high-quality thick corn velvet, and suede material. You can buy spare covers to help retain the beds durability.

The inside cover is made of polyester fabric, which is both antibacterial and mildew-proof, providing longevity, and water resistance. The comfiest part if the filling which is made up of high-quality three-dimensional cotton.

SlowTon Pet Calming Bed

Your pooch will be as snug as a bug in this soft, sumptuous donut bed. The bed is made from soft faux fur and a full PP cotton filler, making it both thick and fluffy for that perfect sleep. While it’s filled with plenty of warmth, which is perfect for the colder months, it’s also breathable which is suitable for the colder months. Though no doubt your dog will prefer not to be covered in fur.

The bed is also washable and okay to be used in the tumble dryer – in fact, surprisingly, it will make the bed more fluffy! Your little furry friends will feel surrounded by love and warmth. Get the size up for the ultimate snooze-fest.

Danish Design – Quilted Dog Mattress Bed

Bam! These cosy mattresses from Danish Design certainly make a statement.

The designs are both quirky and unique, inspired by the British countryside. We especially love this orange hare pattern. Each bed is made with 100% cotton fabric, each deep filled with supersoft polyester fibre to give even more softness, warmth and comfort. It’s also machine washable, however doesn’t have a removable cover.

The bed is perfect for fitting into an oval plastic dog bed, a crate or any other place in the house to add a pop of colour and comfort.

Share Your Favourite Dog Bed

Do you have a snug dog bed which didn’t break the bank? Perhaps you have some hacks to keep the cost down? Let us know about your Cheap Dog Beds in the comments below.


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