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5 Hidden Dog friendly pubs in Bristol

If you and your dog need rescuing from a ruff day of bad weather whilst on an adventurous walk in Bristol, there are plenty of dog friendly pubs around the city that will accommodate you and your furry friend. Sure, you can go to your tried and tested locations, but have you considered exploring secretive hideaways that serve food that it to be more than sniffed at?

The Mud Dock

This venue is somewhere that can be trusted not to wag its finger at muddy paws, or hound you out of its doors. On the contrary, they are prepared with dog treats and toys to keep your pooch amused, whilst you pick from their tasteful range of foods. Whether you like it meaty with a paw-fect beef burger, or you prefer to keep with hellishly good Halloumi, there’s a treat for both dog and owner.

This location is raised off the ground near to the harbourside and it has views that will really give you something to howl about! Not only that, on the ground floor it has a bicycle shop so if you and your dog fancy a spontaneous cycle, it could be the ideal starting place.

The Christmas Steps

Although the name may be deceiving, you don’t have to wait for the festive season to visit this charming and dog friendly location. Housed in a 17th century building, this pub is located at the bottom of the famous Christmas steps, a historically rich ally that will make your and your pup feel like an extra in Harry Potter. 

With this pub being split over multiple levels, it could serve as an adventure for your dog, treating them to an experience they will never forget!

The Pump House

Imagine you’ve just had an incredible Bark-B-Q with you friends, and you, them and your furry gang of amigo fancy a drink. There is no better place than to head to The Pump House. With staff that are friendly to humans as well as dogs, there’s no reason not to have a paw-ty! 

If you go on a Sunday, there’s even more to bark about! With a Sunday roast that you can bet your dog will want to try a piece of, it’s a good job they have large enough portion sizes to cater for the both of you. 

The Lazy Dog

As the name implies, this pub is keen to welcome dogs and treat them with the friendly attitude they deserve whether they’re lazy or not. This community pub serves food of a high quality, all cooked by a head chef who has a background in Latin American street food. With a variety of meats there are plenty to choose from, and thankfully your Dachshund will be safe too as they dont sell hot dogs! 

If you or your dog are fans of a fishy snack, this pub will be White-bait for you as they sell it alongside a delicious Lemon Aioli. Furthermore, this venue has a large garden meaning your pup will have plenty of room to play. Thanks to its location, you’re only a short walk from the popular Gloucester Road where you can continue your adventure or catch the bus home.

The Ostrich

This bar may sound like it would be somewhere you’d get into a flap, but actually it might be the ideal watering bow-le for you and your dog! With its prime location and extensive beer garden, it could be just the right spot to relax and listen to your pet favourite band, The Beagles.

As this pub is located near the harbour, it could be a great starting or finishing place for you and your dog when planning your fabulous day out around the city. 


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