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Could You Be A Pooper Snooper? Help Build A Poo Bin Map

Could you help your community to build a poo bin map? There’s a new app in town, and I’m dying to share it with you.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras.

However, finding poop on the floor or seeing it hanging in a bag from a tree like a forbidden fruit is enough to put anyone off. So, what can we do about it?

Hi, I’m Ocho. I’m an 18-month-old golden Labrador Retriever and I have a very special job. I have been specially trained by my handler and ‘Part of the Pack Assistance Dogs’ to help with anything she finds difficult. This could be removing her shoes and socks, opening doors, doing the washing or putting things in the bin. Yes, I’m able to put my own poop bag in the bin.

But how do we find the nearest bin? If we’re in a new area finding a bin can be hard work. We could go miles when there is one just round the corner. Like with most things, there’s an app for that. Pooper Snooper tells us where the nearest bin is and how to get to it. And this is where you come in… the bins are added by your owners.

They just download the app and if you pass a bin on your walkies, they take a photo, and add it to the map. This is super helpful for all dog owners but especially for assistance dog handlers. I have a friend, Peter, a Guide Dog, and his handler is partially sighted. They use this app so they can find a bin and keep the place clean and tidy even though his handler can’t see very well.

But this app has another feature, which we find especially useful as my handler uses a wheelchair. It lets the humans add to the map poops that someone has accidently ‘forgotten’ to pick up so that we can avoid those areas and avoid getting poop on the wheels.

Poopy wheels are a real issue cos then it can get on my paws and her hands and get on the floors in our home. No-one wants that. If you have a super helpful human, they can clean up forgotten poop and mark it as cleaned on the map so wheelchair users and people pushing buggies and things know that route is safe again.

Have You Used The Pooper Snooper App?

Personally, we love the app, and the more owners that use it the more accurate it becomes. So please pooches, ask your owner to become a Pooper Snooper and start adding those bins, and poops, to your local area.


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