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Burns Dogs Day Out: A Tail-Wagging Adventure

Get ready for a tail-wagging adventure as I, Piper, your furry guide and playful cockapoo from the heart of Wales, take you through the unforgettable experience of the Burns Dogs Day Out at Pembrey Country Park. My mum and I are avid explorers of dog friendly locales, and it’s our mission to inspire you and your four-legged companions to embark on your own explorations.

Is Burns Dogs Day Out Dog Friendly?

Absolutely! As the name might already give away, Burns Dogs Day Out by Burns Pet Nutrition is not just dog friendly – it’s a celebration dedicated entirely to furry pals! This pawsome event rolls around every year, offering a day packed with activities, fun, and exploration, all designed with dogs in mind.

The best part? Attendance is completely FREE for all. Whether you’re a tiny terrier or a grand Great Dane, the Burns Dogs Day Out welcomes you with open paws. It’s a fantastic opportunity for dogs of all breeds and sizes to come together! At the event you can enjoy a variety of dog-centric activities, meet new furry friends, and make unforgettable memories.

Weekends are the best!

Our weekends are usually filled with fun and relaxation, starting with my gentle wake-up licks to mum at 7am, signalling the start of our adventure. This time, however, the tables turned, and I was roused from my dreamy squirrel chases for a special outing. After a quick grooming and donning my finest bowtie, we were off on a road trip to the Burns Dogs Day Out – a highlight on any dog’s calendar.

As the perfect co-pilot, I offered plenty of navigational tips. I also sang along to our favourite tunes, and even performed a weather check (much to mum’s amusement). The journey, filled with anticipation and a few roundabout mishaps (mum’s sense of direction could use some work), led us to a vast field within Pembrey Country Park. Out adventure awaited.

We arrived!

Upon arrival, friendly faces (and a few hi-vis jackets that warranted a cautious bark from me) greeted us. The event was a canine paradise, with tents bustling with activities, delicious smells, and more dogs than you could wag a tail at. A brief visit to a big white tent for registration momentarily paused my excitement, but playtime kicked off soon after.

Meeting up with my dog pals – Pig, Dizzie, Bindi, and Shiloh – was a highlight. Dizzie and I were inseparable, enjoying mud baths and hay bale adventures, rain or shine. Despite a hiccup with mum’s plans for me to join the ‘best-presented dog’ contest, my spirits remained high. Mud, after all, is my best look!

The event wasn’t just about fun and games; it was also educational. We visited a tent to discuss me becoming a “Burns Reading Dog.” Let’s be honest, it’s a role I was born for, despite my initial overexcitement. My friendly and lively nature shone through, promising future success in this noble task.

Having fun in the tents and stalls

We continued exploring and ventured into a tent brimming with tempting cakes and sandwiches. Mum wouldn’t share the sandwiches, so I cheekily protested, leaving her dismayed. At the “Burns Dogs Day Out,” the stalls overflowed with dog-focused treasures. I managed to grab a box of Burns goodies and excitedly dug through it.

The agility courses, fly ball, and a time recall race were thrilling, earning me a Burns rosette to add to my collection. Despite not winning in the ‘Bad Hair Day’ or ‘Dog Most Like Their Owner’ contests, we filled the day with laughter, bonding, and made new friends, both canine and human.

Where’s Your Favourite Event Taking Place?

I had a pawsome day with the Burns Team; everyone was so lovely and welcoming. I made loads of new friends and, upon returning home, eagerly checked out my haul of goodies. I’m super excited to munch my way through them! Do you know of any great events taking place locally which you’re dying to sniff out? Let us know in the comments below.

For more canine events, take a look at our guide to UK dog events,


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